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Bill to help collect unpaid child support passes first hurdle

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A brand new bill that would help the collection of unpaid child support in the state of California has passed its first hurdle. The bill was sponsored by the state's insurance commissioner and has since passed the Assembly Floor with a bipartisan vote. If the bill becomes law, it would create an insurance intercept program that would provide mandatory insurance payments.

The bill, 2802, was created by an assemblywoman from Glendale. It will create the Insurance Payment Intercept Program (IPIP). If all goes according to the bill, the program would intercept those who are behind on child support payments. Instead of those people receiving insurance payments for their claims, those payments would be redirected and used to pay the person's child support. Some lawmakers believe this could help recover tens of millions of dollars in back child support.

In the state of California families are still waiting to receive child support payments totaling some $18 billion. That pales in comparison to the total for the entire country, which comes in around $116 billion in unpaid support.

There is a similar mandatory program in the state of Texas. Texas recovered $65 million in unpaid child support using their insurance intercept program in 2016-2017. There has been a voluntary program in California since 2002, which was created by the Department of Child Support Services (DCS). This voluntary program intercepted a mere $3.9 million in 2016-2017.

Dealing with unpaid child support in Orange is a difficult situation. You are likely very emotional because it's your children who are now at a disadvantage. Be sure you follow all of the required steps for acquiring unpaid child support in order to ensure it is done correctly.

Source: Lake County News, "Bill to help collect billions in unpaid child support payments passes first house," June 02, 2018

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