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Plan for a possible divorce before you even get married

When you get married, you hope that it will last forever. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't take the time to plan for a divorce before you have your wedding ceremony. It is important that you don't fall into the realm of thinking that a prenuptial is a sign that your marriage will fail. In fact, a prenuptial agreement might be just the opposite.

Planning for a successful divorce

When you and your spouse decide to call it quits on your marriage, the way that you approach your divorce may make a huge impact on the outcome of the process and the difficulties you and your spouse both face along the way.

Helping your children cope with the impacts of child custody

Child custody is something that is often hard for children. Going back and forth between parents can be tough. There might be times when the child is with one parent and wants to be with the other parent. Handling these situations is a sensitive matter. Making plans for working through this now might help you to approach the issue calmly later.

Strengthen your upcoming marriage with a prenuptial agreement

Creating a strong marriage that goes the distance often begins well before two people actually tie the knot and get married. In almost all cases, relationships where each partner clearly expresses their expectations and understands the expectations of the other partner are healthier and stand a better chance of weathering the storms that any marriage inevitably encounters.

What if the other parent violates your custody order?

For many parents, the custody agreement they reach in a divorce or receive from a court does not actually reflect the experience of trying to raise a child with another person outside of a couple relationship. Some parents see the custody arrangement as a rough guideline of how to operate, rather than respecting it as a legally binding document.

Family law has many facets that you might need

Thinking about family law, you might think about divorce and child custody. While those do make up the vast majority of the cases that run through this area of practice, there are many other facets that you should know about. In a recent blog post, we discussed emancipation of minors. This is one of the lesser thought of things that family law encompasses.

Do you need emancipation as a minor?

While many parents and children choose to remain in their traditional roles until the child leaves the home, this is not always the case. In some instances, a legal minor may wish to emancipate him or herself from parents, either for professional or personal reasons. This is not terribly common in all areas of the country, it is still a regular part of family law.

Appealing a divorce order

Few professions actively join unavoidably personal matters and legal disputes the way that a family law or divorce practice does. Your clients may assume that your services as a family law attorney are limitless, or may not realize just how much you truly can do for them. Either way, you face the difficult task of not only delivering results that your client needs, but also managing their expectations.

Have a plan for disaster in child custody cases

Nobody can see into the future to plan for every situation that might come up. When you have a child custody case, you might have to try your best to think about what disasters you might face so that you can plan for those. We know that this might be difficult but there are some situations that should be discussed now.

Becoming a foster parent is an enormous responsibility

Choosing to care for children in the foster care system is special privilege and responsibility that very few individuals ever experience, despite the great need for more foster families throughout California and the country as a whole. If you believe that serving as foster parents with your significant other or as a single person may be a good fit, you should make sure that you fully understand the requirements you must meet and the difficulties you may face.