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Medical care expenses and coverage for children after divorce

Many people think of child support as regularly occurring payments from one parent to the other. While this is an important point of child support, there is something else to think about. This is medical insurance and costs for medical care. These points should be included in your child custody plan.

Why might a court modify a spousal support order?

When a court determines the amount of spousal support you must pay as part of your divorce order, it is based on the specific details of your income and ongoing expenses. However, these elements tend to change over time, and not always for the better. If life has taken a turn and now your spousal support obligations are more of a burden, you may consider requesting that the court modify your spousal support order to something more manageable.

Think about everything a prenuptial agreement can do for you

As we discussed in a previous post, you have to ensure that you are protecting the enforceability of a prenuptial agreement. This essentially means that you do what you need to do to ensure that the court won't find anything wrong with the contract if you and your ex split.

Is an unfair judge ruining your case?

Staying on top of your family law case can prove very difficult, especially if you cannot get proper cooperation from the other players involved. Whether you're representing a spouse in a divorce or some other family law issue, sometimes the tables simply turn against you and you may need to consider unconventional options in order to protect your clients' interests.

Protecting the enforceability of a prenuptial agreement

Creating prenuptial agreement to add some structure to a marriage is a wise choice for many couples, allowing them the freedom to establish some boundaries for each other and for parties outside the marriage. However, for some people, simply creating and signing a prenuptial agreement is not as airtight as they might hope. Prenuptial agreements can prove difficult to enforce if one party claims he or she signed the document under duress or that the terms are fraudulent.

Think carefully about how to handle child custody disagreements

We recently discussed how you and your ex might have differing opinions about how to handle parenting points. This is something that is common in divorced parents. After all, if you and your ex agreed about everything, you probably wouldn't be divorced.

What if my ex spouse won't comply with our divorce order?

You did it. You weathered the storm and now your divorce is final. Unfortunately, in some cases, the finalization of a divorce is not the end of the fight for a just resolution. Some people choose to flout a divorce decree and put the other parties in a position where they must fight for what the court already declared they should have. In these circumstances, what options do you have to compel your ex-spouse to comply with the divorce order?

High-asset divorces shouldn't be rushed

A high-asset divorce is something that will take time to work through. You can't try to rush the process even though you might be in a hurry to start your new life. This is something that you need to make sure that you work through in an appropriate manner to avoid the possibility of missing out on a critical point in the negotiations.

Appealing an unfair ruling

There are many ways that a divorce case can get away from you. Whether the opposing counsel didn't care to cooperate or the judge ruled unfairly, or any number of things in between, your client now wants to fight the ruling. Maybe you know that an appeal is probably possible, but you're not entirely comfortable navigating appellate proceedings. Fortunately, you have options.

Can I file for divorce in California?

If you decide it is time to file for divorce, you have a number of logistical issues you must overcome before you can officially begin the process. One commonly problematic aspect of divorce is the venue where the divorce should (or can) take place.

Make sure you understand child support orders for your case

When children are involved in a divorce, you can pretty much count on child support being a factor. Of course, there are some exceptions to this, such as when both parents have the same income and the child splits time evenly between the parents.