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What to include and leave out of a prenuptial agreement

A prenuptial agreement is an insurance policy of sorts. It is a way that you can ensure that you know what you are going to walk away with if your marriage doesn't work out. This is an important document that you must ensure is fully enforceable.

When one parent wants to move away with a child

Working out a custody that is best for your child may not always mean choosing what feels the most fair to each parent. This is especially true when a parent with primary custody wants or needs to move away. For many parents, custody is an ongoing battle that continues well after a divorce finalizes. For the sake of your child, it is important to consider what living situation truly makes the best life for them.

What is quasi-community property?

Here in California, we often pride ourselves on being significantly different from other states in the union. Out here on the coast, there's always something to do and the weather is usually perfect! However, our differences often have surprising legal implications as well. California is one of only a few states that uses community property guidelines to determine how property gets divided in a divorce. Things can get particularly tricky when a divorcing couple previously lived in another state where they acquired property.

Family law matters can take finesse to resolve

There are many facets of family law. Each of these facets have one common denominator -- the family unit is impacted by what happens. All family law issues have to be handled delicately. In some cases, trying to work things out with the other side can produce preferable results. We know that you might not be sure what can be done about a situation, so we are here to help you learn about your options.

Courts use online messaging services to prevent messenger kids

When you divorce your child's other parent, you can't stop dealing with the other parent just because of the divorce. Instead, you and your ex have to figure out how to communicate in a manner that doesn't make them uncomfortable or responsible for relaying messages.

Should I create a cohabitation agreement?

These days, many couples live together for a matter of months or even years before getting married, or they may choose to never marry at all. However, even if the idea of marriage as a social construct has fallen out of fashion for some people, the legal framework of marriage offers some unique protections that cohabitation does not. If you and your partner have lived together for some time, you have probably gathered a number of possessions. In this case, it is wise to create a written agreement about property division, since the law offers very few protections to property rights for unmarried couples.