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Divorce can be a whole different animal for startup founders

Both Silicon Valley and California in general enjoy a large number of individuals working in startup companies in technology and innovation. While not everyone who founds a startup will see a great windfall, many do. This can make divorce exceptionally complex. If you are considering divorcing in California and a startup is in the equation, you need very specific, experienced legal counsel to protect your rights and ensure a fair settlement.

Think about all aspects of your divorce before making decisions

Ending your marriage isn't something that is easy to do. You have to take the time to plan your steps so that you don't make mistakes that could cost you in the long run. We understand that this isn't something that you are taking lightly. We are here to help you plan what you will do and consider all of the options that you have.

What do I do if I fear the other parent may kidnap my child?

Sharing custody with a child's is always difficult, but for some parents, it feels downright dangerous, because they fear that their former spouse may kidnap the child. If you feel this way, you are not alone — thousands of parents live with this fear every day. Although most parents who fear parental kidnapping never see that come to fruition, it is always wise to take precautions just in case. The more prepared you are for this possibility, the more you do to prevent it or respond quickly if the child's other parent ever does resort to kidnapping.

Know how to handle divorce issues that might come up

The end of your marriage is something that might come as a shock. Even if you are the one who filed for divorce, the deterioration that led to the filing might have been unforeseen. If you are facing a surprise divorce, you need to make sure that you know what options you have.

Can my spouse challenge our prenuptial agreement?

If you're a person of considerable means, then you should always use a prenuptial agreement when getting married. Of course, as some heavy hitters in Silicon Valley can attest, if your assets are significant enough, your spouse may choose to challenge the agreement in a divorce. While this is very unlikely to succeed, it is technically possible. California tends to side with a prenuptial agreement when it is challenged, but there are some exceptions.

Should you appeal or seek to modify your divorce decree?

If your divorce negotiation is heading south, or if you already received a frustrating decree that you believe is unfair, the law provides ways for you to challenge those results. However, things do not operate in exactly the same way after a court hands down a decree.

Can a prenuptial agreement help me?

For many years, prenuptial agreements have endured a fairly negative reputation at the hands of public opinion. Many people view them as a planned back door to marriage or the kind of thing that only wealthy people do. Fortunately, the tide of public opinion is beginning to shift for the prenup, as many younger couples choose to use one, recognizing the many ways that such an agreement can actually a marriage.

Child custody tip: Make your summer travel plans now

Going on vacation during the summer is something that many families look forward to. When the parents are divorced, this can be a trying experience because of the child custody order. The best thing that parents can do when a child custody order is in the picture is to start planning now for the trips you want to take.