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Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson in conflict over child custody

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Once a judge renders his or her decision regarding the terms of a parenting agreement, both parents are legally obligated to do as the agreement instructs. However, as time passes, one or both parents may come to the conclusion that the terms as they stand are not in the child's best interests. When such is the case, it is possible to have the agreement modified. But unless both parents are amenable to the modification, it is quite likely the matter will create a contentious set of circumstances.

A recent case in point can be found occurring between actress Kate Hudson and her former husband, rock singer Chris Robinson. According to an insider, in 2007 the pair agreed to joint custody of their son, Ryder. But now the insider says that Mr. Robinson is seeking full custody as well as a healthy sum in child support.

The insider says that the problem stems from Mr. Robinson's concern over Ms. Hudson's parenting style. The Black Crowes frontman believes that his ex-wife should be a more "hands-on" parent. But the source says that Ms. Hudson believes that Mr. Robinson's about-face regarding their agreement is motivated by money. She is also said to be holding steadfast and will not give up on the agreement.

Whether you are looking to have a parenting agreement modified or you are in opposition to such a maneuver, you are typically best served by having an experienced family law attorney represent your interests. An attorney can help you first by trying to resolve the matter without relying on a judge's decision. But if necessary, the attorney can present your side of the dispute in family court.


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