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Pitt and Jolie now in child support dispute

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When two of the most powerful stars in Hollywood divorce, it should be no surprise that the settlement negotiations become the subject of countless articles and blog posts. But the case of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie seems to be taking things to a whole new level. And the latest bone of contention the stars are picking with each other involves child support.

Specifically, recent reports indicate that Ms. Jolie wants Mr. Pitt to hand over $100,000 every month in support payments. According to an insider, Ms. Jolie feels that this princely sum will cover expenses for the couple's six children and provide enough left over to set up trust funds for each.

The insider says that Mr. Pitt has no problem with supporting the children. But it is the actor's preference that the funds be put straight into a trust rather than giving Ms. Jolie control of the money through support payments.

One might think that Ms. Jolie, who is worth $160 million, wouldn't really need child support to provide for her children. But Mr. Pitt's wealth is reportedly a robust $240 million, a fact that Ms. Jolie is reportedly trying to leverage.

Making this situation more complicated is that Mr. Pitt is still vying for joint custody of the children. So it is unlikely that the various disputes ushered forth by the divorce will be resolved quickly and quietly.

If you're in a high-value divorce situation, child support can become a very complicated issue. First, it is important for your children to maintain the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. But if you are paying the support, you also want to make sure that the money is used appropriately.

An experienced California family law attorney can work with you in an effort to create child support terms that are reasonable, fair, and meet your children's needs.


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