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Crafting a prenup can help a couple learn about one another

If you are in a serious relationship with someone and are contemplating marriage, you need to know as much about him or her as possible prior to taking the plunge. Perhaps this sounds like a rather unromantic notion. After all, isn't a bit of mystery good for keeping things interesting? Well, yes, so long as you have not committed yourself to a legally binding marital contract. The fact is, it is in both parties' best interests to know each other as well as possible prior to saying "I do."

California observing Child Support Awareness Month

On its website, the California Department of Child Support Services states that August is Child Support Awareness Month. The observance is meant to give recognition to the state's child support agencies and the courts that help ensure that children receive the support benefits to which they are entitled. Child Support Awareness Month is also meant to serve as a reminder to parents that support payments can act to represent the love they feel for their children.

Alimony records can settle disputes and provide IRS with answers

Whether you have been ordered to pay or are the recipient of alimony, it is extremely important that you keep accurate records of all your spousal support-related activities. Your records could be used in a variety of ways. Records can be used in your defense if you are accused of not adhering to your obligations or if your ex is not keeping up with payments.

Civility between parents sharing custody helps children

Sometimes when a couple goes through an especially contentious divorce, there can be strong resentments and anger that extends well past the point of signing the final decree. And if the couple has children, the former spouses will likely have to interact on a regular basis. Ex-spouses typically have to face each other when they pass the children to one another in accordance with their child custody agreement. And while this transaction can be stressful, it is very important that it be completed with as much civility as possible. This will benefit the child in ways you may not realize.

Reasons a prenup could be invalid

A prenuptial agreement, when done correctly, is a safeguard for the financial interests of both parties in case of a break-up in the future. But even the best of intentions can turn sour if not treated carefully and professionally. So how can you know your prenup is valid?

Ultimatums are not enough to stop domestic violence

Relationships are rarely conflict-free. In fact, disagreements and even the occasional shouting match are quite normal. But when disputes escalate to physical or serious emotional abuse, then there is a problem that must be addressed. Unfortunately, far too often an abused party may feel compelled to remain in a relationship in spite of the very real potential dangers.

Coercion should play no role in the signing of a prenup

Creating a prenuptial agreement is typically a good idea for every couple who is planning on getting married. A prenup can clarify the responsibilities and rights that each spouse will have throughout the marriage and even into a divorce if things don't work out. Moreover, by prearranging such things as property division, the divorce process can be carried out with greater efficiency and less cost.

Divorce does not alter your contributions to your marriage

One of the main intentions of marriage is to form a partnership between two people in which both play important roles. Every married couple decides how they will divide their tasks and responsibilities. And for a marriage to work, each partner must respect the other's contributions.

What happens if I don't make my child support payments?

Regardless of your financial situation, there are some payments you cannot afford to miss. Child support is one such expense. In California, you could face a variety of penalties if you should fail to make your child support payments in accordance with the conditions established by the court.

Curbing emotions can help you get through a custody dispute

A divorce can bring so many emotions to the surface. And this can be especially true for divorcing parents. Child custody issues can trigger animosity in both parties, so much so that it can be easy to lose track of what matters most; the emotional health and well-being of the child.

What can I do to maintain a good relationship with my grandchild?

If you are a grandparent, it almost goes without saying that you want the very best for your grandchild. Perhaps there are even times when your love and concern feel overwhelming. This can be especially true if you believe the child's parents could be doing a little better job in some regard. While it may be tempting to step in and try to correct what you believe are mistakes, it is often best to refrain from getting too involved.