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What must I do to get my support payments altered?

It is extremely important for a divorced parent who has child support obligations to fulfill those obligations to the best of his or her ability. These agreements are legally binding and failing to meet the requirements could result in serious legal and financial consequences.

Divorcing parents need to consider their children's feelings

If you are a parent who is going through a divorce, you are likely dealing with many concerns and emotional issues; but so too are your children. Remember, your children likely see you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse as their parents, not as two individuals with strong differences. It can be very traumatic to watch the two of you go your separate ways.

Does child support extend to college tuition payments?

When divorcing parents work out the terms of a child support agreement, consideration is given to the amount needed to help maintain the lifestyle to which the child is accustomed. This is of particular concern in situations where one or both parents are high-income earners.

Prioritizing needs can help clarify divorce settlement goals

Once a married couple decides that they would be happier going their separate ways, they must then work out the details of their divorce. And as most people are well aware, the divorce process is fraught with many potential pitfalls. Often the divorce is the result of irreconcilable problems that have fostered resentments and even outright hostility. As such, the mere prospect of entering negotiations can be quite daunting.

Clint Session wanted for failure to pay child support

Children need to be supported by their parents in a number of ways, but when parents are not together, both should be sure to support their child financially. After a judge has decided which parent will pay child support and how much, parents need to make sure they make these payments in a timely manner every month. Should they decide that child support is optional, and not really something they should concern themselves with, they may have to face the consequences.

What types of provisions may be considered unfair?

Getting married is scary enough, but when people have a lot to lose, they may find that marrying their significant other is easier said than done. Many people who have feared the loss of their assets and properties as a result of divorce have taken advantage of the option to protect themselves with a prenuptial agreement. When making this decision, a couple may be under the impression that anything they decide to put in their prenup will be acceptable, but they will be surprised to find out that certain provisions may actually be set aside.

Parents starting to favor new divorce trend known as birdnesting

Divorce is not easy on children, so when possible, parents often do what they can to make the process more bearable. Telling a child as little as possible is one way people try to help them through the divorce, but there are also a number of other ways to deal with the transition.

Why you should prove your financial stability to the judge

Disputes over child custody are not always easy for people to deal with without stressing out or panicking. It would be ideal for parents to work together and find an arrangement that benefits all parties, including the child, but this doesn't always happen. Parents do not have to agree on a plan for child custody, but when they don't, they are agreeing that they will let a judge decide for them.

The social media game in high net worth divorce cases

When it comes to divorce in California, there usually is a lot at stake for both parties. Real property, homes, businesses and retirement accounts, these are all on the table once the divorce process is initiated. However, the stakes are magnified when the divorce involves high net worth individuals. Any individual in the middle of a divorce should be very cautious about social media use. This is even more important for those in a high asset divorce.