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David Hasselhoff requests to end spousal support

Divorce may not be easy, but it may be the best option for couples who just can't make things work. For some couples that do not have children, after the divorce is finalized, they do not have to speak with each other because there are no further matters to discuss. Many people would look at this as the ideal situation, but when couples have things that still tie them to one another after the marriage has ended, such as spousal support, it may seem like they cannot fully move on.

Transportation costs covered by child support

Parents may dispute over many things when it comes to their child. What school they will go to, what clothes they will wear and even how they will wear their hair are topics parents may disagree on, but they may also find themselves bickering about child support. Once it has been decided which parent will pay child support and how much, there is only so much they can do about it. Even though they cannot control what the other parent does with the money, they may find themselves questioning them about how they are spending it or if they are spending it on things that will benefit the child. Transportation costs are often one of the expenses parents may find themselves questioning when confirming how their money is being spent.

What happens if I disagree with the divorce petition?

The process of divorce is one that can go quickly or one that can be drawn out for years. This depends on the spouses and how they feel about certain matters, but either way, they will need to have a discussion about many divorce legal matters before the divorce is granted. Figuring out how the divorce will go is something that spouses can easily determine early on in the process, starting with the divorce petition and whether or not they both agree with what it states.

Things that cannot be included in a prenuptial agreement

Prenuptial agreements are not something that most people look forward to talking about with their soon-to-be spouse because the conversation can be stressful, awkward and unromantic. However, it may have many benefits and it is a conversation that many couples need to have before tying the knot. It is true that this agreement can save a spouse from losing everything, but they are also confusing, especially when you realize what cannot be included. Knowing what prenuptial agreements can and cannot include is helpful before you sit down to draft one. This will help you plan accordingly so you don't waste time discussing matters that can't be resolved.

What types of entertainment does child support cover?

Children want to be children, so they want to have fun whenever they get the chance. Riding bikes, going to the park or simply jumping rope outside are always great ways for children to enjoy their free time, but in some cases, they like to do things that will cost money. It may surprise many, but the money a parent receives for child support can be used for entertainment of all types. If the child is fed, has clothes on his or her back and is perfectly healthy, then there is really no other great way to spend the child support money than on entertaining your child.

An attorney can help you put together a safety plan

When a person is being abused on a regular basis, they may not know where to turn. These people are often afraid for their lives and because their abuser has a temper, asking them to stop will only tick them off and cause more harm than good. Should this be what you are experiencing in your home, it may be time to speak with an attorney and get help with creating a safety plan.

Things to consider when requesting child support

Being a parent is rewarding, but it can also be stressful from time to time. Children grow every day and their needs are constantly changing, so more and more money will be spent as time goes on. With this being the case, parents may find it necessary to request child support from their child's other parent if they are not currently getting help from them.

LuAnn de Lesseps plans to get a prenuptial with future husband

There are many people who go into a marriage without property and assets, just as there are those who go into marriage with them. Regardless of what a couple may or may not have before marriage, this doesn't mean they can't get a prenuptial agreement. Ideally, they are for people who want to protect their property and assets. However, these agreements can set terms and iron out other divorce legal matters before a divorce happens. As a result, people from all different financial backgrounds choose to have one drafted before entering a marriage.

Sherri Shepherd loses child support appeal

Every day, around the world, there are babies being born to parents who are excited about their arrival, but also some who are terrified. Bringing a child into this world is a big decision for any couple to make, so when they are considering it, they should really think about why they want to have a baby. Even when two people believe that they want a baby together, that doesn't mean they don't change their minds once they see that the relationship isn't working out. It is in these types of situations that some parents abandon their responsibilities and try to leave the child to grow up with only one parent in their life.