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Spouses should be truthful about their property and assets

There are many mistakes that spouses make during the divorce process because they are emotional about the marriage coming to an end. While it is understandable for both parties to be upset and feel angry toward one another, if they are hoping for the best outcome, they need to put their emotions aside and do what is right. Property division is an important matter and doing the right thing will involve both parties being open and honest about their property and assets.

Things to consider when getting a prenuptial agreement

Whenever someone is making a major decision that could have an impact on their life, they may ask themselves questions to help them determine what road they should travel down. For couples that are getting married, the decision they may be battling with isn't always if they are doing the right thing, but whether or not they should get a prenuptial agreement. While these agreements are a great way for people to protect themselves, some couples may not be sure if they should get one because they may not know if it is necessary. This is the exact reason they should take the time to consider what types of people get prenups and if they fit into that category.

Mel Gibson may have to pay $100,000 in child support

Whenever two people have a child together, it is their responsibility to care for him or her, whether they are together or not. Parents have to depend on each other to do the things they are supposed to do to ensure that the child is properly cared for and looked after. Feeding them, buying them clothes and making sure they get an education are things that are expected of both parents, but child support is one thing that is the responsibility of one parent that may affect the other.

How to report a misuse of child support

After the custody battle has ended, and parents have figured out an arrangement, it is likely that child support will be the next topic to discuss. Not all parents are thrilled about having to pay support, but knowing this money will be going towards ensuring their child is cared for the way they should be, they realize its importance and make the payments without hesitation. Some people may not want to pay child support because they simply don't believe it is fair. However, some parents choose not to make payments because they know that the parent who is caring for the child full-time is not using the child support money on the child.

What spouses should avoid during the divorce process

Once the divorce papers have been filed, a couple will move forward with mediation and negotiate the terms of their divorce. At this point, it is common for people to do things that are out of character and behave in unexpected ways. There are many emotions that a person is experiencing throughout this process, and it is understandable that people behave this way. However, this does not make it okay for them to do certain things just because they are hurt, angry or upset about their marriage coming to an end.

Two mothers take custody battle to U.S. Supreme Court

Child custody is something parents should take seriously. When a marriage or a relationship comes to an end, and there are children involved, one or both parents may wish to gain sole custody of the children. With both parents wanting certain things to happen, they often end up disputing until they eventually can agree or a judge makes the decision for them.

How to modify a divorce judgment

The divorce process is not an easy one, especially when spouses decide to go back and forth and dispute over certain things. Once things are finalized, whether it is settled by a judge or the spouses have decided to work together, there will be a divorce decree that outlines the terms of the divorce. In some cases, what is outlined in the decree isn't always what one or both spouses want, or they may need to change it at some point in time. When a divorce judgment needs to be changed, a request needs to be made.

Do I need a prenuptial agreement if I'm not planning to marry?

A prenuptial agreement is a legal agreement created by a couple intending to get married. The agreement spells out how existing property would be divided in the event the couple ever gets divorced. When the couple marries, the agreement goes into effect. Sounds pretty straightforward.

When one parent refuses to follow the rules of custody

Anyone who has ever watched a television drama knows that custody battles can get ugly. Unfortunately, reaching a custody agreement is frequently just the beginning of the fight. As children get older and lives change, parents can potentially find themselves embroiled in custody battles again and again.