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What is the procedure for ending child support payments?

Being a parent is complicated, so it's normal for people to have a lot of questions. Depending on the situation they may find themselves in, parents may have even more questions because they are not a couple, but still have to find a way to co-parent and raise their child together. Often, this means paying child support and finding ways to give the child the care they need until they can care for themselves.

A spouse should not ignore a divorce petition

When it comes to almost all legal matters, there are rules and procedures that must be followed. Should people fail to follow these rules, things may not work out as they planned. With divorce included in this list, it is important that spouses follow directions carefully, especially when it comes to responding to the divorce petition.

Family courts fail to protect witnesses of domestic violence

One thing that many people look forward to doing is starting a family of their own. Having a family isn't always easy. No family is perfect, but there are many that have to deal with issues that no family should have to deal with. One of these issues is domestic violence.

Am I responsible for my spouse's debts if we get a prenup?

When couples decide to get married, there is a lot of planning that must be done. Not only will they be focused on planning a wedding, but they will also be planning for their life together. For many, this means sitting down and drafting a prenuptial agreement that outlines how things will be handled during the marriage and during the divorce, should things not work out. While prenups often address things such as alimony and property division, it can help couples figure out how many marital and divorce issues will be addressed, including debts.

What defenses can be used for a fault divorce?

It is not easy for a couple to come to terms with the fact that their marriage just isn't working out. Depending on the reason for the couple feeling this way, some may fight to make things work while others will decide to move forward and file for divorce. Should they decide to file for divorce, they may be asked to state the reason for the divorce. This is something that their spouse may not agree with, which may lead to them disputing the reasoning for the filing.

Report your former spouse for failure to pay child support

When two people have a child together, it is important that they work together to care for him or her, whether they are married, in a relationship, divorced or living separately. Even though it is ideal for parents to cooperate and do what they should, not everyone does.

Wife loses battle to get prenuptial agreement thrown out

It is not uncommon for divorces to become nasty. This often occurs when couples have issues regarding various divorce matters such as property division and spousal support. These disputes are what people are trying to avoid when they decide to get a prenuptial agreement and solve these problems before they arise. However, sometimes, when a divorce does happen, one or both spouses may find that they don't actually agree with what was outlined in the agreement.

Steps to take after abducted child is returned from other parent

Child custody disputes are never easy to deal with. On top of having to deal with the emotions of just getting divorced or ending their relationship, they will have to deal with the emotions they will feel about losing their child or not seeing him or her as much. Any parent would agree that this is difficult, but that doesn't mean a child custody dispute can't be handled in a mature manner. Ideally, that is what will be done because there is a child involved, but parents don't always behave this way and do what is best for the child.