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Woman sues husband for secretly divorcing her

When a relationship ends, things can get messy, especially when it comes times to discuss things like alimony and property division. People find many ways to protect their property and assets and keep them from getting in the hands of their spouse in the event of a divorce. While most people choose to simply draft a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, these are not options people always choose. In the end, they may find that their decision to not follow the law could do more harm than good.

Can college expenses be included in child support?

After a child graduates high school, they have the option of the going to college and furthering their education. This isn't always an option that people take advantage of, but when they do, both the child and the parents will quickly realize just how expensive college can be. From tuition and books to travel and room and board, it does not take much for the money to add up.

A prenuptial agreement can limit debt liability

There is a lot that is to be done before two people get married. Along with finding a venue, caterer and putting together a guest list, many couples have decided that drafting a prenuptial agreement was also an important item on their list of things to do. Despite a couple's goal of being together for the rest of their lives, many people realize that divorce can happen and find that getting a prenuptial agreement is the best thing to do. They can be especially helpful when couples find themselves facing issues with debt.

Why should I consider dissolution of marriage?

Marriage is something that is supposed to last forever, but there have been many people who have decided that things just weren't working out between them and their spouse. After making the decision to end their marriage, it is likely that they realized a traditional divorce wasn't the only option as to how they would do this. Since many states offer what is known as dissolution of marriage, those who were eligible opted to end their marriage this way.

What should parents consider when requesting sole custody?

There are many different types of family situations that parents and their children can find themselves in. In the past, divorce may have not been a popular decision, but nowadays, when couples feel that the marriage is over, they divorce, whether or not they have children together. With this being the case, when two people decide to end their marriage or relationship, they will be left to handle the issue of child custody. This can often lead to a disagreement, especially if one parent decides to request sole custody.

Things to consider before filing for divorce or legal separation

Deciding whether or not to get married is one of the biggest decisions a person will make in their life. A lot can change if they agree to move forward with the marriage, so it is understandable that some people may want to take time and think about it. It is the same thing when it comes to divorce. When two people have so much invested in each other, yet the relationship seems to have run its course and they suspect it may be the end of the marriage, they may wonder if they should divorce or become legally separated.

What income sources can be used to determine child support?

If parents don't see eye to eye, any topic regarding their children can be stressful to discuss. One common point of contention is the topic of child support. Sometimes, the paying parent may feel he or she is being required to pay an unfairly excessive amount. But the amount arrived at by the court is typically contingent upon a person's assets and perceived ability to pay.

How courts enforce child support orders

When two parents are involved in a feud over child custody, it can be a trying experience for all parties involved. There will come a point where the dispute will end, but finding a child custody arrangement is only half of the battle, especially if parents will later have to discuss child support. Many parents, even though they may feel it is unfair, will decide not to take action when the other parent of their child is not paying child support. However, for those who want to ensure their child gets the monthly payments they are owed, you do have several options as to how you can get these payments in a timely manner.

Consequences of your prenup being invalid

Every year, many people around the United States make the decision to get married. For most, this is a joyous occasion that they will want to share with their friends and family, but for others, this celebration could be ruined by one spouse's decision to do something that most would see as unromantic; get a prenuptial agreement.

Which parent is considered the primary caretaker?

Child custody is a touchy issue for parents to discuss. No matter how amicable things may have ended between both parents, when they decided to no longer be together, there is still the chance that one or both parents will become angry or upset at the possibility of the other parent being awarded sole custody. Even though both parents may be worried about the other getting sole custody of their child, the parent who is the primary caretaker may have less to worry about.