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How can I protect my rights after the divorce is final?

No matter if your divorce ended through settlement agreements or by way of a court order decision, it was likely a long and exhausting battle. However, for many divorced individuals, the decisions made by the Family Court may not be acceptable. When this happens, both parties in a divorce may be able to challenge certain things that the Family Court has ruled on and included in the final divorce judgment.

Foreign state divorce court documents

Historically marriage and divorce laws, rules, and requirements were state specific. And while many states still have a specific set of rules governing how to proceed with marriage and divorce, the decisions made by one court are typically honored by all courts. For individuals facing divorce, moving out of state may only make it a difficult process. It will not change how your home state views the decision.

The right and wrong way to spend child support

It is a common misconception that child support is designed to cover the basic necessities of life. Child support is actually intended to be spent on a wide variety of expenses. While it is the hope of every paying parent that their child support payments are going to the direct benefit of their children, the spending habits of one parent may have the other questioning their decisions.

When does marital property turn into individual property?

When couples make the decision to get a divorce, typically one spouse will move out of the marital home. When this happens, couples tend to separate property so they may both have what they need to live separately. Generally speaking, if how they divided their property is in line with how it would be split in family court, the division of property will stay the same. However, occasionally the family court will choose to divide property differently, and when this happens, property that one spouse thought was theirs may actually belong to their ex.

An attorney can help with your move-away petition

The relationship between a parent and child is a special one. For those parents who get to see their children every day, it is something that they should cherish because there are many parents who do not get to see their children as often as they want or even at all. The reason for them seeing their child less frequently may have to do with the type of custody they have, but it could also be because their child lives out of state with their other parent.

What is a parenting agreement and how can I get it approved?

When parents have to discuss child custody and attempt to work together to find an arrangement that works for all parties involved, they may be reluctant to do so at first. For some, the relationship has ended and seeing the other parent of their child is not something they look forward to even if it is for something important. Despite how they feel, their child needs both parents in his or her life, so both parents will have to face each other to figure out a solution, whether that is with their attorneys or in front of a judge.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and husband divorcing

There are thousands of people who decide to get a divorce every year in the United States. For some, the decision may have come easy, but for others, it was a difficult one to make because of the love they may have for each other or other circumstances making them question if it is the right decision. Having second thoughts about divorce is natural, but when it comes down to it, if it is the best decision, then couples really have no choice but to move forward with the process and file for divorce.

Consequences for failing to pay child support

When two people have a child together, planned or not, that child is the responsibility of both parents. Not only should they be working together to raise the child in a safe, loving environment, they should also be making sure the child's needs are being met mentally, emotionally and financially. This is something that all parents are aware of, but there are many who still fail to care for their child and give them the support they need financially. When a parent ignores their responsibility and decides not to pay child support, there are a number of ways their child is still able to get the money they need to be properly cared for by both of their parents.

A prenup can keep your property separate

People work hard for the money they make and often like to spend it on the things they want like cars, houses, jewelry and more. In many cases, when people decide to marry, they may take a look at what they have and decide that this money or property are things they do not want their spouse getting their hands on if they divorce. So they do what they can to prevent that from happening. For some people, that means getting a prenuptial agreement.

What property rights do unmarried couples have?

Unmarried couples can sometimes experience similar family law issues that married couples do. Although these two people are not married, there is still a chance that they will decide to advance their relationship and purchase a home or other property with one another. This may seem like a good idea at the time, but should the relationship end, both parties will have to deal with the issue of property division.