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Cohabitation agreements and how they benefit unmarried couples

Relationships can be fun and exciting, but there are many things a person can do in a relationship that their partner will feel is not very romantic. Asking them to sign a cohabitation agreement is one of them. When any person is in a relationship and the person they are with presents them with a contract, their first reaction may be to question this person's motives. However, people may actually want to look over the cohabitation agreement before making the decision to not sign it because it could benefit them.

Chef Cat Cora divorcing her partner of 17 years

When people think of divorce, they probably think of the nasty disputes that could take place and the many trips to court that may have to be made if things turn ugly between them and their spouse. It is true that divorces can be a lot for a person to deal with and can cause them stress, but not every divorce is like that. Despite what many may think, some couples are actually able to end things amicably and get what they want without engaging in heated disputes that last for months or years.

How child support can be used by custodial parents

Raising a child is a huge responsibility that not everyone may be ready for when it happens. Despite parents not being ready to have a child, they must contribute in a number of different ways to the child's life before and after they are born. If two parents are no longer together, one parent may be asked to contribute by paying child support.

Why should parents consider joint custody?

Should two people decide to no longer be together, and they have children, they will have to discuss child custody. Some parents may be able to sit down and figure out an arrangement that they both can agree on. Others may find it difficult because they let their emotions get in the way. When discussing child custody, parents will have a number of options to choose from, but not every alternative is as rewarding to the parents and the child as joint custody.

Halle Berry won't have to pay spousal support thanks to prenup

People who decide to get a prenuptial agreement often have a lot to lose in the event of a divorce. Since they do not want their spouse to be able to get certain things when they end the marriage, they may choose to protect their property and assets and avoid losing everything. People like celebrities who make a lot of money often own high value property and assets, so it is not uncommon for them to choose to get a prenuptial agreement.

Why someone may choose to not contest their divorce

Deciding to end a marriage is not an easy thing to do. Sometimes couples who have been together for years may not believe that there is any way of resolving the issues they are having, so they decide that divorce is the best option for them. Whether they come to this decision quickly or it takes them some time, when they finally decide to move forward with the divorce process, depending on how each spouse feels, the divorce will be contested or uncontested.