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How do I know I am eligible for child support?

Child support can sometimes be a difficult topic for parents to discuss. While people may feel that they are contributing enough financially, the parent who is actually caring for the child may disagree and demand more money. Since there may not be a court order in place, the custodial parent could easily make a request that the noncustodial parent pay child support. They may end up getting the money they requested regardless of what the other parent feels. Some parents may think that they are entitled to child support just because they have the child more than the other parent, but there are many factors a parent should look at if they want to know if they are eligible for child support from their ex.

Hire an attorney to assist with your marital agreements

Every year there are thousands of couples who tie the knot in the United States. This means that the number of families and couples who will experience disputes and other legal problems will increase. With any family legal matter, there will be questions and concerns about the laws in their state. Whether they are dealing with the issue of child custody and support or divorce and alimony, it is normal for couples to want to know what they can and cannot do when addressing certain matters.

Soon incarcerated parents may not have to pay child support

Parents who are required to pay child support don't always make their monthly payments like they are supposed to. For whatever reason, they may feel as though it is OK to ignore the fact that their child is growing and requires the aid of both parents financially, as well as in other ways. For parents who are behind bars, their failure to pay child support isn't always because of they do not want to, but for another reason.

Property and assets spouses are entitled to absent a prenup

When two people decide to get married, there are only so many ways that they can prepare for the future and a possible divorce. One common way that couples plan for divorce is by getting a prenuptial agreement. There are many benefits to couples getting a prenup, but it is desired by many because of the protection it provides. Although some couples may choose to get a prenup and take advantage of what it has to offer, some couples fail to recognize what all is at stake should they opt to tie the knot without a premarital agreement.

Request child support from your child's other parent

There are a number of things that parents will disagree on when they are trying to raise a child together. It can be especially difficult to work together when the parents are separated, and one of them has custody of their child. They may have managed to find a custody arrangement that works best for the both of them, but when it comes to child support, parents don't always see eye to eye. However, no matter what the noncustodial parent may feel, the child needs to be supported by both parents, which is why the custodial parent should request child support.

Does child custody differ for married and unmarried couples?

Child custody disputes are not easy for any parent to handle. With them often being concerned about losing their child or getting less time with them, they may be emotional throughout the entire process. Even though child custody is an issue that is addressed differently for unmarried and married couples, the emotional reaction parents may experience is similar.

Kaley Cuoco's prenup requires her to pay spousal support

When people mention a prenuptial agreement to their future spouse, they may not be too thrilled about the idea. While some people view prenuptial agreements as unromantic, others realize that they are actually a good idea if they have significant property and assets because it protects them from losing everything in the event of a divorce. Not only does it keep people protected, but it can also make the divorce process go a bit more smoothly since most divorce issues, like alimony and property division, will be addressed and resolved in the agreement.

How families can handle the issue of domestic violence

There are a number of issues that families may have to deal with on a regular basis. Some parents may find themselves in court constantly battling over child custody and support while others may have to deal with domestic violence. No family legal issue is easy to deal with, but when there is violence occurring in the home, it is important to put it to a stop.

Consider the effect moving away will have on your child

Being awarded custody of your child is a good thing, but it is a lot of responsibility to take on by yourself. As a parent of a child, you are responsible for making smart decisions that will not affect your child negatively in the present or the future. These smart choices include deciding where your child will live.

How can California divorce laws affect a couple's divorce?

Every state in the U.S. has a set of laws that courts must adhere to when it comes to divorce. What this means for couples is that getting a divorce isn't as easy as agreeing to end the marriage and signing a paper. In California, couples have several legal requirements that they must satisfy before they can file for divorce and courts can consider granting it.