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Family-owned businesses and divorce

Community property is a common issue that many couples that are divorcing run into. Laws for this issue differ from state to state, so some may find it difficult to understand their state's laws and how property is to be divided should a divorce occur. Not only may there be disputes about who will get the house, the family business may also be something that spouses find themselves wanting to discuss.

How a child support attorney can help with your case

When the divorce of two people occurs, if a child is involved, it is common for one parent to pay child support. The amount of this support is determined by the California Child Support Guidelines. This amount that one parent pays is what they can afford to contribute to their child financially, so they can continue to maintain a similar lifestyle to the one they had when his or her parents were married. This formula may be fair to most, but this doesn't always mean that what the child will be receiving is a fair amount to others, especially if the other parent can contribute more.

Splitting up community property doesn't mean sawing it in half

Unlike most of the U.S., California is a community property state. That means that, in a divorce, all community property, also known as marital property, typically gets divided evenly between the spouses. Separate property goes to the spouse who owns it.

Helpful tips for fathers after Father's Day

For those fathers who were not able to spend time with their children on Father’s Day, we understand that it could be a frustrating experience. After all, this is the one day out of each year where fathers are supposed to be honored for their contributions to the home and to their children.

What is virtual visitation and what are its benefits?

In child custody cases, it is not uncommon for one parent to be awarded visitation rights, while the other has full custody of the child. Traditionally, the parent who is awarded visitation rights meets with the child in person, but a new form of visitation has emerged that doesn't require these in-person meetings to occur. Virtual visitation, also known as electronic visitation or Internet visitation, has made it possible for parents to keep in touch with their child in situations where an in-person meeting isn't possible.

WNBA star attempt to annul marriage

Ending a marriage is not an easy decision, regardless if you have been married for one month, one year or even ten years. There is certainly a social stigma associated with divorce, but sometimes couples decide that they should cut their losses and go their separate ways.

Three tips for discussing prenuptial agreements

With wedding season in full swing, it is worth noting that a number of couples may be considering prenuptial agreements. After all, in the past few years more people are entering into prenups. Perhaps it is a growing notion that marriage may not last forever. Perhaps it is a desire to live more like celebrities. 

Tips for introducing a new love interest to kids

In a prior post, we warned our readers about the perils of dating during the pendency of a divorce. Essentially, the emotional complications could lead to additional reasons for couples to fight over custody and parenting time. However, the reality is that life goes on after a split, and people will eventually find comfort in someone else. When that happens, it is important to manage it deftly.