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Mistakes that affect California parents' ability to co-parent

Every child in Orange County, California, deserves a happy family. However, in some situations, divorce changes the family dynamic and that happy family becomes more difficult to achieve. For some children, divorce can seem like an infection that can kill the love and care their parents provide together. Although young children are not mature enough to understand the situation and what their parents are going through, it is the responsibility of both parents to limit the impact of separation on their children.

Annual gifts from wealthy parents complicate son's divorce case

Parents often want the best for their children, no matter how old they are. In some families, adult children with kids of their own have parents with the means to help their sons or daughters financially. Readers in Orange County, California, may think that children of these parents are considerably lucky and blessed, however gifts and money provided to a child by a wealthy parent may result in complexities during divorce.

Oscar winner ordered to pay monthly child support for daughter

Determining who will get custody of a child is a common element of many divorces. At some point, either by mutual decision of the couple themselves or by mandate of a court, usually one parent will become the custodial parent and the other the non-custodial parent. In many cases, non-custodial parents are required to pay monthly child support. This even applies to parents who never married.

Digital domestic abuse may be a growing concern under family law

Technology is now part of everyday life. Families in Orange County, California, often rely on this advanced technology in order to communicate with their distant relatives and friends. However, such conveniences can have a negative impact as well. Through the Internet and different websites, anyone can obtain information on what a certain person is doing or their whereabouts. With family law issues such as divorce and child custody, the Internet becomes a convenient way for communication. However, experts noted that advanced technology is also associated with domestic violence, another family law concern. Digital domestic abuse is rapidly increasing, and those who actually experience it are not fully aware of the situation they are in.

Prenuptial agreement can protect spouses who opt to stay at home

Nowadays, more people are marrying later in order to prosper in their careers, as many Californians know. In addition, some spouses continue their careers until they agree together to start a family. One spouse will then put his or her career on hold.

Should California spouses celebrate their divorce?

Many Orange County, California, residents celebrate or throw a party when something good happens in their life, ranging from a long-awaited promotion to a baby shower to a wedding. Is a divorce something to celebrate? The answer might be yes after a recent report stated that divorce parties are becoming a trend. For most people in Orange County, the end of a marriage can be the most difficult time in their lives.

Grandparents play vital role in grandchildren's custody

Family law issues such as grandparents' rights are often ignored by California residents without even realizing the importance of grandparents in their children's lives. Even though the Supreme Court recently indicated that only divorcing parents are capable of making decisions about their children's custody, grandparent's rights can still be exercised under unique circumstances, especially during transitions.

Both men and women can be ordered to pay child support

Most California residents who talk about child support probably are thinking of fathers paying support to former spouses or partners. As the decades have gone by, however, the roles of both mothers and fathers have become less rigid. Nowadays, many women are the breadwinners in their families, and many fathers have become stay-at-home parents tasked with caring for children.