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Sherri Shepherd's ex-husband files for child custody modification

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When it comes to child custody issues, family courts always try to focus on the best interests of the child. And it is unfortunate that some parents tend to forget that their children's future is at stake in a custody battle. Some parents even try to use their children as pawns to hurt their ex-spouse without considering that these actions can also hurt their kids as a result. Here in Orange County, California, local readers are aware that the only way that children of a divorce can grow in a nurturing environment is by creating a child custody arrangement that benefits them.

Television talk show host Sherri Shepherd currently finds herself in a child custody dispute after her former husband filed an emergency custody modification. Shepherd's ex-husband claims that their child is suffering from neglect. He added that his son is still incapable of tying his shoelaces, reading, writing and suffers from poor hygiene. Sherri has asserted that the child's father is unfit to raise their son. A judge who oversaw that case rejected the father's request due to lack of evidence. A subsequent hearing will be held on July 21.

Cases like this do not always end up in court. Divorced parents who have maintained a strong foundation of trust between one another usually try to resolve the issue by themselves. They can listen to each other's wishes in order to determine how to modify the existing child custody arrangement. Once they have agreed on a certain custody arrangement, they can finalize the case in court.

Still, litigation is a viable option especially for those who have been through a tumultuous divorce. Parents can work with other experts who can help them to achieve their goals and determine the best child custody arrangement. Parents may also consider consulting with an attorney who can guide them throughout the entire legal process.

Source:, "Sherri Shepherd in two custody battles with ex-husband and estranged husband," Margaret Minnicks, May 20, 2014

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