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Sherri Shepherd's ex-husband files for child custody modification

When it comes to child custody issues, family courts always try to focus on the best interests of the child. And it is unfortunate that some parents tend to forget that their children's future is at stake in a custody battle. Some parents even try to use their children as pawns to hurt their ex-spouse without considering that these actions can also hurt their kids as a result. Here in Orange County, California, local readers are aware that the only way that children of a divorce can grow in a nurturing environment is by creating a child custody arrangement that benefits them.

How prenuptial agreements can open eyes and build confidence

For many couples, marriage eventually follows courtship, whether long or short. Californians know that getting married may be easy and can be done relatively quickly if a couple is so inclined, but divorce can be a much more complicated and lengthy process. Knowing, too, that roughly 50 percent of marriages fail, more people are interested in crafting prenuptial agreements to protect their rights and finances in case their marriage does not last.

Documentary suggests better ways to go through divorce

The end of a marriage is a life-changing event. In the United States, roughly half of all marriages end in divorce, which is why so many people, including Californians, are familiar with the legal process. When people talk about divorce, they often refer to the legal process as a battlefield where two individuals argue over child-custody arrangements, property division and spousal support. Emotions run high during divorce, which makes it difficult to settle cases as quickly as possible.

Changes in child custody means more fathers getting kids

Custody disputes often arise in cases of divorce as well as with unmarried couples who have children together. In California, some custody cases are settled with one parent receiving sole custody of the children and the other parent getting visitation rights, typically on weekends. For many fathers who want to be involved in the upbringing of their children, many child-custody arrangements seem unfair, with the woman typically getting the custodial role and the father being sidelined with visitation rights.

Settling child custody issues through peaceful talks

The process of divorce can be settled quickly if there are no children involved. However, if there are children involved, divorcing parents must resolve the custody arrangement, prioritizing the best interests of the children. In California and everywhere else in the country, parents have different views toward child custody. Some parents think that one parent is enough to raise the child while others prefer shared custody in order for each parent to have equal time to spend with the child.

How to introduce a prenuptial agreement into a pending marriage

Being prepared for the worst and hoping for the best is the key to a stable future. This is why people save for retirement, create rainy day funds and find other ways to allow themselves a sense of security while they plan their lives. When it comes to divorce, more and more Californians are becoming aware of the importance of prenuptial agreements before they marry. The main reason to establish a prenuptial agreement is to protect both parties' assets in the event of divorce.

Expert says divorce already tough, so no need to make it harder

Marital dissolution is common throughout the United States, including in California. Spouses who wish to divorce have a variety of reasons for ending their marriages, and one couple's reasons may not be the same as another couple's. Whatever the reasons that have led spouses to divorce, the process is usually difficult especially when children are involved and when the parties cannot agree on the final terms of their divorce. In these cases, a divorce can drag on and become a battle between warring individuals.

Child support provides financial security for single parents

Child support is not just an issue between divorcing spouses but also for couples who have children born out of wedlock. In Orange County, and all across the state of California, child support issues are often disputed in family law courts.

How to navigate the rough waters of property division

Divorce is challenging for everyone in a family anywhere, including in California. After child custody and child support, finances are often the most contentious issue because the outcome will affect both spouses' financial footing. This is why many divorcing spouses battle long and hard to obtain what they think is their fair share of the spoils of marriage.