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How to become effective co-parents in joint custody

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Orange County residents are very familiar with stories of children being caught in the middle of the divorce process when their parents decide to part ways. As divorce continues to affect spouses, not just in California, but all across the country, more and more parents are now dealing with child custody issues. Such cases can be settled using joint custody, which allows both parents to become custodial parents, working hand in hand for the sake of their children.

Although the thought of becoming partners for the sake of the children may not be the strongest concern of divorcing spouses, it is important to understand that parents will stay connected with their soon-to-be ex-spouse because of their children. Being co-parents can be difficult for the parents at first but the children will benefit if both parents are present throughout their growing years.

In order to become effective co-parents, spouses should be compassionate and support the idea that they will be working together in the coming years for the sake of their children. Parents should focus on their goals, which is to raise their children in a healthy and loving environment, so that they can become the best co-parents that they can be.

Another helpful tip is to remember the good qualities of their ex-spouses when it comes to parenting. By doing so, the parent can more easily adjust to the new setup.

Finally, do not paint the other parent as the "bad guy." Doing this is a form of parental alienation, which can lead to unsuccessful co-parenting.

Parents who are dealing with child custody issues and related concerns may wish to seek legal professional help. By doing so, both parties would better understand how the custody arrangement works and find the best possible solution for their situation.

Source:, "9 Ways to co-parent like a grown-up," Emma Bathie, March 28, 2014

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