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How does child custody arrangement affect tax exemptions?

Family law issues such as divorce are complicated. In Orange County, California, people who have been through a divorce understand that the outcome of the legal process will have a huge impact on those who are involved, including when it comes to taxes.

Common mistakes people make when dealing with child custody

Child custody focuses on the best interests of the child or children. Divorcing parents as well as parents of children born out of wedlock need to understand that child custody is for the benefit of the children, not the other way around. Here in Orange County, California, people who are currently dealing with child custody may be interested in knowing some common mistakes that can affect child custody issues and existing visitation arrangements.

How emotions affect divorce cases

In Orange County, California, people who have been through divorce probably agree that divorce is a difficult process. Finances are at stake and the future full of uncertainties. The process itself is also full of emotions, which can certainly affect or derail even an amicable split.

Dating during divorce can affect child custody issues

When Orange County, California, residents talk about legal issues involving family, they often refer to divorce, which is the most common family law issue. Many people consider divorce a complex process involving different issues, such as property division, alimony or spousal support and if children are involved, child support and child custody issues are likely to arise.

Ludacris challenges the request of $15,000 monthly child support

Raising a child can be a difficult task, especially if one parent is absent, which can happens when the child is born out of wedlock. In Orange County, California, parents who raise their children by themselves rely on child support that is being paid by the noncustodial parent. Any delays in child support payments can add to the financial burden of the custodial parent, causing the person to pursue other options such as getting another job or relying on the financial assistance of the government.

Rules to follow for drafting a prenuptial agreement

Orange County, Californians are aware that the use of prenuptial agreements has grown in the past years. Historically, most people who entered into prenuptial agreements were wealthy. Currently many people, especially those who have been divorced, view prenuptial agreements as a way to protect their best interests before marriage.

Why more fathers are getting child custody

Many parents in Orange County, California, play a crucial role in their children's upbringing. Gender is not a question when it comes to a person's ability to parent his or her child. As evidence to that, more and more single fathers head single-parent homes in the United States, according to a Pew Research study.

Experts say a better economy means more divorces

According to economic experts, the divorce rate and the strength of the economy are directly related. A recent article noted that as the economy is gaining steam, the number of divorces in the United States has increased for the third year, posting a 2.14 million gross increase in 2012.