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Using a QDRO to collect back alimony in California

Divorce really does not end once the court terminates a marriage. Financial legal responsibilities, which stem from dissolution of a marriage, continue after the divorce decree. Disregarding those responsibilities can constitute contempt of court. Nevertheless, Orange County, California, divorced spouses sometimes continue to fight because of ongoing or unresolved family law concerns, such as collecting the spousal support or child support they need and rightfully deserve.

A prenuptial agreement can be essential before marriage

Although it may be unromantic to mix marriage with money matters, it can become an issue between couples after marriage. In fact, financial issues are one of the leading reasons that marriages end in divorce both in Orange County, California and throughout the United States.

Child support and the "deadbeat" parent misconception

Many custodial parents in Orange County, California, rely on child support from their ex-spouse to take care of their children's needs. There are instances, though, when noncustodial parents, for some reason, cannot provide the monthly support for their children.

Dwayne Wade's fiancee wants prenuptial agreement

Many Californians walk down the aisle and exchange wedding vows with the aim of keeping their relationship permanent, but divorce is a possibility that should always be kept in mind. Although the topic is more pragmatic than romantic, considering finances in case of divorce should always be a topic that soon-to-be spouses consider and act on if they can. A prenuptial agreement can preserve what both parties take into a marriage and help settle any alimony disputes in the event the marriage later crumbles.

Mind the children during divorce

Many parents in Orange County, California, know that each child is unique and they relate to different things differently. Divorce, for one, is a difficult, emotional process that can be stressful on the divorcing parent's children. According to one author, a child has a dominant sense and addressing that sense can help parents help their child survive the challenges of a divorce proceeding to help them feel safe, secure and loved.

Court rejects increased child support for Jon Cryer's ex-wife

While the television series "Two and a Half Men" takes divorce lightly, many divorced and divorcing parents in Orange County, California, know that settling divorce issues concerning their child can be complicated. In a recent turn of events, one of the show's stars, Jon Cryer, won a decision against his ex-wife who had filed for more child support.

Can shared child custody work for California parents?

Divorcing parents throughout the United States, including California, know firsthand how thorny child custody issues can be during divorce negotiations, especially when it comes to deciding whether to agree to sole custody or shared or joint custody.

Postnuptial agreements can address family law concerns

Prenuptial agreements have become common fixtures for many couples before marriage, including those in California. However, with the U.S. divorce rate now at 40 percent and the California rate at 60 percent, married couples in some circumstances should also consider postnuptial agreements when they make major changes during marriage. For example, postnuptial agreements may be helpful when one parent decides to forgo a career, perhaps temporarily, in order to stay at home to raise the couple's children.