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Parenting time should not be about badmouthing an ex-spouse

Divorce may nullify the marital ties between spouses, but it does not end their parenting responsibilities. Many divorced parents in Orange County, California, opt to share the custody of their children through co-parenting. However, they should not use parenting time to badmouth the other spouse.

Divorce cases spike in January

The New Year can usher in life changes, and for some couples in Orange County, California, that could mean the end of their marriage. It is interesting to note that although January is not really considered the time that most couples file for dissolving their marital ties, it is now considered the "Divorce Month".

San Diego couple adopts three sisters

The best things in life often come in threes. A San Diego couple got more than they originally thought that they wanted when they ended up adopting three sisters. For a long time, the couple wished to have a child and struggled with infertility for many years. Then their social worker called with the good news. Instead of only one child, the adoptive parents were matched with three sisters.

Prenuptial agreements have benefits, limits

When couples who are engaged talk about marriage, they usually don't discuss the possibility of divorce. In Orange County, California, many marriages, unfortunately, do end in divorce and many of these spouses fail to realize that ending a marriage can also have significant emotional and financial implications.

Mother of Ludacris's daughter asks for more child support

After the birth of his new daughter, rapper and actor Christopher Bridges, better known to fans as Ludacris, is attempting to have a cap of $1,700 put on his alimony payments. However, in a lawsuit, the baby's mother contends that he should pay more than that, claiming that he spends more money on his lawn and pets. In addition, she wants him to pay her legal fees so that she can secure the services of a good lawyer.

Why entering a marriage requires a prenuptial agreement

One of the best ways to avoid divorce pitfalls is to see them coming. Soon-to-marry couples should keep in mind that marriage is never without risk. There is always a chance that the marriage will end up in divorce and that, with divorce, come financial problems.

Interesting facts about divorce in 2013

The year 2013 resulted in numerous celebrity divorces, family law disputes and other issues. Last year was also the year for a survey about why Americans, including those in Orange County, California, are filing for divorce and the other factors connected with divorce legal issues.

Rap artist can now perform abroad after paying child support debt

Many Orange County, California, residents may wonder why some celebrities face unpaid bills, despite their high-income in the entertainment industry. For example, child support is a liability that some celebrities seem to have a difficult time managing. Whatever the reasons, every parent should be responsible and provide child support payments on time for the benefit of their children. In addition, the obligor will likely want to avoid the potential penalties for failure to pay child support.

The significant impact of relocation in divorce and child custody

Many Orange County, California, spouses, particularly those who are divorced, are no stranger to ugly custody battles. When such a topic is brought up, most assume that relocation can be easily done by the custodial parent simply because he or she thinks relocating will benefit the child. However, there are a lot of things that the custodial parent must consider when it comes to relocation. The same goes with child custody issues.