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Michael Jordan faces another child support lawsuit

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Although he's retired, there is no doubt that Michael Jordan is still very popular and everywhere he goes, people want to interact with him. Many people, including Orange County residents, still follow the basketball icon's exploits. Jordan, who married earlier this year, is the spotlight once again.

A 32-year-old woman from Georgia has sued Jordan for allegedly fathering her three-year-old daughter and not paying child support. The woman, who made the claim publicly on Facebook, castigated Jordan for spending $10 million on his recent wedding while not supporting his alleged child. The woman asserts that she and the former NBA Most Valuable Player had an affair, which resulted in the conception and eventual birth of the child in 2010.

In response, Jordan's lawyers have countered the woman's claims. The lawsuit against the star parallels a similar case that was filed by another Georgia woman several months ago. That case was thrown out after a paternity test showed that Jordan was not the father. The woman in that case was even fined by the judge for what was thought to be a publicity stunt. Many see this new lawsuit in the same light.

Child support can be a crucial element in raising a child. The monthly payment helps ease the financial burdens of a custodial parent by covering everyday expenses, educational and medical needs as well as other child-rearing costs. Thus, delinquent payments can have a negative implication in a child's everyday life.

Before an Orange County resident seeks child support, paternity must be established, if that has not already been done. While most people cannot identify with the issues that Michael Jordan is dealing with, they probably can understand his unwillingness to pay child support that he should not owe. Child support issues as well as divorce-related matters can be clearly understood and settled with the guidance of an experienced family law attorney.

Source: The Urban Daily, "Michael Jordan Accused Of Fathering Another Love Child," Jonathan Hailey, Sept. 27, 2013

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