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New California law protects victims of abuse from retaliation

Domestic violence is a family law concern in Orange County, California. It is different from child custody, child support and other family legal issues. However, the potential impact of domestic abuse to the victim, children and other family members may be enough to prevent domestic violence. In contrast, there is one issue that often affects the victim's decision to seek help. Based on a recent study by the Legal Aid Society's Employment Law Center, almost 40 percent of domestic violence victims in California are afraid of losing their job because of domestic violence.

Resolving child support issues through a mobile application

From communication to entertainment to information, technology has its own way of dominating the lives of American families, particularly those in Orange County, California. In a recent mobile application by Ittavi, it seems that technology is also finding a way to resolve family law issues, such as child support.

Protecting same-sex couples with a prenuptial agreement

Same-sex couples in Orange County, California, can legally marry, given that California is one of the 13 states that allows gay marriages. Now that the Defense of Marriage Act has been reformed, same-sex spouses can also enjoy certain federal and tax benefits to which heterosexual spouses are entitled. However, when a same-sex spouse decides to divorce, the situation may not be as easy as heterosexual divorce.

Infidelity and divorce in no-fault states like California

If an Orange County, California, reader asks a divorcing spouse why his or her marriage failed, the answer may involve endless reasons full of resentment or other emotions. Some divorce stories may also include infidelity, which is considered a common reason that a couple parts ways. However, if one person cheats during the marriage, it may not affect the divorce case a great deal, particularly in no-fault states like California.

Parent's behavior may persuade co-parenting decisions in divorce

One of the most difficult parts of getting a divorce in California is determining child custody and making agreed-upon visitation arrangements. Ideally, the final child-custody framework clearly identifies each parent's rights and responsibilities and includes visitation rights, stipulated parenting times and other agreements about children's well-being.

Michael Jordan faces another child support lawsuit

Although he's retired, there is no doubt that Michael Jordan is still very popular and everywhere he goes, people want to interact with him. Many people, including Orange County residents, still follow the basketball icon's exploits. Jordan, who married earlier this year, is the spotlight once again.

California men should make wise financial decisions in a divorce

When it comes to divorce, movies and television often portray men as either angry or sulking. In reality, divorce is a major life event for both men and women. Machismo aside, divorcing husbands do hurt emotionally. A divorce can hurt the financial side of their life as well.

Recovering economy could play role rising divorce rate

The improving economy has brought renewed financial hope not only to California residents but also to people across the country. And along with economic recovery comes the financial flexibility that will allow more couples to divorce now, perhpas after a few years of putting it off because it simply would create too much financial hardship.

Increasing the odds of winning child custody

Orange County couples who are going through a divorce know that the process can be difficult and emotionally draining. But, divorce is even more challenging for children who face the possibility of living without one parent on a day-to-day basis. This is why child custody decisions are among the most difficult made in a divorce and why divorcing couples should be well informed when it comes to their custody rights.