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Family law: what happens to retirement assets in a divorce?

A divorce is known for its many disputes and emotional baggage. For that reason, it is quite understandable for couples to end the divorce proceeding as quickly as possible. However, this may not be the best course of action. Doing so may lead to divorcing couples overlooking certain concerns, which, in turn, may result in problems in the long run.

Can low remarriage rate open doors for prenuptial agreements?

The cliché "once bitten, twice shy" seems like an appropriate title for a new study about remarriage. The recent study showed that the country's remarriage rate dropped by 40 percent in the last 20 years. The respondents have chosen cohabitation instead of getting remarrying.

Study shows service members' marriages are prone to divorce

Residents of Orange County, California, as well as people across the entire United States, hold enlisted personnel in very high regard. Without a doubt, their bravery and sacrifice are unparalleled and inspiring. Unfortunately, a recent study has concluded that as service members fight abroad, they might be prone to losing a different battle back in their own home.

Child custody and child-rearing concerns in a same-sex marriage

The striking down of the Defense of Marriage Act opened up a lot of avenues for gay and lesbian couples. Orange County, including the other counties in California, is feeling the societal shift as well now that the changes are starting to set in. Naturally, as in every societal shift, there are concerns about aspects of life like child custody and how to properly raise a child in a same-sex marriage.

Prenuptial agreement: addressing potential problems with ease

Here in Orange County, California couples may encounter the term prenuptial agreement. Most people have probably come across the marital agreement from news about celebrities and business tycoons. However, couples who are curious about the agreement should bear in mind that it is also perfectly applicable and advisable for all married residents to have one in place.

Beyonce's father criticized for denying child support

Here in Orange County, California, residents and attorneys are well aware of how important child support payments are in a child's life. The monthly payments not only cover the everyday expenses of the child but health care and educational expenses as well. Thus, delinquent payments or no payments can seriously compromise the future of a child.

Glee star Jane Lynch's former partner asks for alimony

There is no discounting the fact that Glee actress Jane Lynch is not only popular here in Orange County, but in the rest of the world as well. Known for her portrayal of feisty Sue Sylvester in the hit television series, Lynch has made waves both in her performance on screen and with her advocacy for social issues off screen.