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Is a "wedlease" similar to a prenuptial agreement?

For most people, Orange County, California, couples included, entering a marriage is a commitment to maintain a lifetime partnership. That's why a number of couples take a tremendous amount of time, effort and finances to plan and prepare not just for the wedding but also for the marriage itself. Couples who are still a bit unsure about taking the proverbial plunge take a "look before you leap" approach and bide their time to get to know each other better.

Custodial grandparents on the rise in California

Though advanced in age, senior citizens can play a significant role in the community. It is no surprise then that Orange County and other California residents hold their seniors in very high regard. For example, a recent study from the University of California shows just how significantly grandparents' roles have increased in child custody cases.

What's the real score on DIY divorce websites?

Nowadays, a number of people are opting for a "Do it yourself" divorce. This is due to the mushrooming Internet sites that permit online users to fill out divorce papers without any legal representation whatsoever. Some are even promoting assistance in helping out with the paperwork at a discounted rate. In all likelihood, Orange County, California, residents have encountered these kinds of websites at some point. Residents, especially divorcing couples, may ask, "What's the real score on these DIY divorce websites?"

New California Bill to empower sperm donors with custody rights

In Orange County, California, the issue of parental rights is a very sensitive and intricate matter. Divorced couples, as well as individuals seeking paternity, spend a considerable amount of time, effort and money to establish these rights. However, a new bill seeking to provide sperm donors with custody might complicate matters even further.

California commemorates child support awareness month

Orange County, California, residents are aware of how significant child support is in the child's life. The payment not only helps with the everyday expenses of the child but it also funds educational and health care costs. To further underline its importance, the California Department of Child Support Services has decided to make the month of August Child Support Awareness Month.

Child custody and other "fighting terms" encountered in a divorce

Words greatly influence human behavior. Kind words can soothe an individual in distress and demonstrate compassion. Insults, on the other hand, can invoke anger and hostility. Taken in the context of family law, there are some words that evoke a negative reaction and among them are divorce, visitation and child custody.

Family law concerns may arise as couples remain unmarried

The definition of the family setting has become more and more complex for many people in Orange County, California. In the past, many people would get married when they reached a certain age. Times have changed; however, and although the number of divorcing couples has already decreased, there is another thing that has been trending -- unmarried couples who cohabitate.

Taking care of your financial future in the middle of a divorce

The emotions of an Orange County, California divorce proceeding can be overwhelming. While there is a possibility that a dispute between the divorcing couple cannot be eliminated completely, a divorcing couple should take note that emotions may lead them to make incorrect decisions.

Life after divorce depends on mindset

Life after divorce is a challenge for most people. It brings up a wide range of emotions, few of them enjoyable. Sadness, anger and resentment are among the most common-and these are often triggered by post-divorce issues such as property division and settlement, child custody and spousal support.