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LA Lakers star player in middle of child support drama

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Many Orange County, California, residents are familiar with hard court basketball action in the National Basketball Association. Fans across the nation pay close attention to their favorite basketball player's stats and playing history. Currently, another sort of court action is challenging a Los Angeles Lakers player that involves his ex-wife and the interests of his children.

The child support dispute arose when his ex-wife requested to move to California because the children miss their NBA star father. Experts claim that the planned relocation is all about child support. The ex-wife's attorney stated that the basketball player does not want the children to leave Arizona because he does not want to pay child support. The player is not currently paying child support and denied that he is evading child support responsibilities. The athlete makes $900,000 monthly and stated that he has the financial ability to pay child support. He plans to settle in Arizona after his contract with the L.A. Lakers expires.

The children's mother stated that relocating the children near where their father works can benefit the children. However, the basketball player stated that he does not want to have his children enamored by a lavish lifestyle. He also stated that his ex-wife's extreme spending lead to their divorce. An education consultant suggested that it would be best for the ex-spouses' daughters to stay in their current school.

Child support is a binding rule that applies to the noncustodial parent after divorce. A child support agreement is subject to the court's decision. In this case, for instance, divorced parents may settle the issue through a family court. While the paying spouse may look at child support as a payment to the custodial parent, child support is designed to provide for the needs of the children. To ensure that any request for modification in child support is necessary, both parents may wish to consult a legal professional for sound advice and guidance.

Source: FOX 10 News, "Steve Nash engaged in court battle with ex-wife over child custody," Kristen Keogh, May 31, 2013

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