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Child custody is about the child, not a competition of parents

When parents go through divorce in Orange County, California, emotions are part of the equation. The separating spouses may feel angry and, at the same time, remorseful over the marital split. Sometimes, parents keenness to leave the relationship blinds them from their emotions. When this happens, they may miss out on an important concern they should not have: the best interests of their children.

How to divorce from a bully and secure post-divorce finances

In Orange County, California, many people are likely to feel sorry once they hear someone is going through a divorce. However, putting emotions aside, divorce is a way to provide a fresh start to someone, especially if they are escaping an abusive marital relationship.

Marrying? Consider a prenuptial agreement before tying the knot

Divorce is not a likely topic of discussion when people fall in love and decide to marry here in Orange County. That is the reason why many marrying couples are adamant about having prenuptial agreements. However, although statistics suggest that there are less married couples who divorce nationally, many experts still advise marrying couples to draft and sign a prenuptial agreement.

Gay dad heads adoption program in California

June is the month for Father's Day and the month most popular for marriages. For some children in Orange County, this year may be the first that they celebrate Father's Day as part of a new adoptive family. A new effort in San Diego County hopes that, by next Father's Day, many more foster children will be celebrating the holiday with their new adopted families.

LA Lakers star player in middle of child support drama

Many Orange County, California, residents are familiar with hard court basketball action in the National Basketball Association. Fans across the nation pay close attention to their favorite basketball player's stats and playing history. Currently, another sort of court action is challenging a Los Angeles Lakers player that involves his ex-wife and the interests of his children.

Grandparents anchors for grandchildren during divorce

Californians know that divorce can be a challenging experience, not only to divorcing spouses, but also to their children. While parents may be eager to end their marriage when things turn sour, children are often in a different frame of mind as they enter a world of emotional distress and worry.

Biggest child support defaulter faces two years in prison

Fugitives are almost always better off surrendering and facing the consequences of their actions rather than face tougher penalties later. For those with child support obligations, lessons can be taken from a recent story that might deter thoughts of skipping payments in Orange County.

Tips for fathers going through a child custody dispute

More and more California dads are actively caring for their children, becoming increasingly involved in many aspects of child rearing and meeting their child's emotional needs. Working out appropriate parenting time in the child custody negotiation is therefore crucial.

Avoid getting coerced into signing a prenuptial agreement

Those who enter into a corporate partnership know all too well that any business contract to be signed should first be reviewed by a legal professional representing his or her client's best interest. The same principle should be applied when signing a prenuptial agreement here in Orange County.