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Changing face of divorce: Ex-wives ordered to pay alimony

Family law is changing rapidly. The increase in the number of breadwinner women and the high rates of divorce, for example, have resulted in changes to the traditional alimony arrangement. Nowadays, courts are ordering more and more women to pay spousal support to their ex-husbands.

Prenuptial agreements can be a powerful family law solution

The subject of prenuptial agreements can be quite touchy for couples entering into marriage. Despite their growing popularity in recent years among the rich and powerful, bringing up prenuptial agreements can cause partners to question loyalty, trust and honesty.

Joint child custody and co-parenting can work

A divorce can change the dynamics of a traditional family. Parents who raised their children together are now at war about their finances and child custody. For those who have joint custody and wish to co-parent in Orange County, California, there are challenges that require both parents to cooperate and work out a strategy to ensure that the children are raised properly and feel loved.

Lawmakers re-introduce family law bill supporting gay adoptions

The changing opinion on same-sex marriage is gaining momentum. Despite the lack of federal laws that govern it, fervent debates are ongoing with some states finally agreeing to provide for equality and recognition of homosexual partnerships.

Lessons on dating again after a divorce

Orange County residents understand the simple truth that breaking up a relationship hurts. Divorce is likely to be a stressful time with difficult issues to resolve. However, for many, working through the legal and personal challenges of a divorce can lead to a new beginning, a fresh start and the opening of new possibilities.

Making joint child custody work for infants and divorced parents

Divorced parents often agree that sharing responsibilities for raising children with an ex-spouse can be a lot of work. Co-parenting and scheduling time with the children and compromising is difficult. Such challenges are made worse when infants are involved in a joint custody agreement.

Who gets frequent flier miles after divorce?

Collecting air miles is a popular way to make the most of purchases. In Orange County, California, purchases have corresponding points that can be exchanged for certain rewards such as travel reward miles, which can be used to purchase airplane tickets for vacation.

Prenuptial agreements for unwed couples who are buying a house

Cultural and legal changes have given more options to unmarried couples in their pursuit of income and ways to invest their money. As part of that trend, unwed couples are increasingly looking to buy a place to live before tying the knot. A survey from one of the biggest real estate firms in the country has found that 25 percent of married home owners purchased their houses before marrying. The findings are prompting experts to advise unmarried couples in the Orange County, California, area to get a prenuptial agreement that puts both partners on the title to the house.

U.S. Supreme Court hears girl's adoption versus paternity case

The nation's highest judicial body began hearing the case of a young Native American girl who was put up for adoption by her biological mother without the biological father's consent. The father eventually was granted child custody by the local courts, but the adoptive parents continue to dispute their rights. This child custody case may have some serious implications in federal and state laws concerning residents of Charleston.