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Is there a permanent child support provision in California?

Traditionally, child support ends once the child being supported reaches maturity. In fact, this is the belief that runs in most states in the United States. In Orange County, California, it is believed that child support payments end when the child turns 18.

The impact of divorce on a couple's mortgage

There's nothing easy about the dissolution of a marriage, especially one that has lasted a long time and in which the couple has acquired significant assets and properties. Divorce for anyone with assets can mean financial trouble on top of the other challenges that come with the end of a marriage.

Supreme Court ruling needed in same-sex marriage dispute

The debate in this country over same-sex marriage has ended up in the nation's highest court. The case before the U.S. Supreme Court challenges Californians' right to amend their state constitution to exclude same-sex marriages. The Supreme Court's decision whether to uphold or deny that right would have a nationwide impact on family law.

Beware! That prenuptial agreement may be invalid

A powerful document for divorcing couples is actually prepared before entering a marriage: a premarital agreement. Often used by many soon-to-be couples to prevent the loss of premarital assets, such an agreement can also help in resolving custody and support issues after divorce. For older couples, it can also act as an estate planning tool. Although discussing the possibility of divorce and prenuptial agreements may be difficult, this legal document has many functions and can serve in many ways.

Powerball winner owes child support

Parents are all too aware of what it costs to raise a child. Many single parents in Orange County, California-like parents across the country-have to depend on government support because the other parent is not meeting his or her child support obligations. Delinquent payments are a very common problem, and new remedies are being put in place to address the issue.

Debate regarding a family law issue erupts in Supreme Court

The legal system is created for the purpose of maintaining order and protection against wrongdoers. This is also applied to the family-the backbone of society. In modern times, new laws are written to fit the issues of society. There are several improvements to the law that address family law concerns. Every state in the United States has experienced the introduction of new laws and amendments to existing laws. California is no exception. Orange County, California residents may benefit from these family law changes.

Prenuptial agreement essential for high-asset divorces

Nobody in Orange County, California wants to lose his or her possessions in a divorce. However, such circumstances may occur once the couple files for divorce. Typically, ending a marriage means dividing all the marital property and assets acquired by both spouses, which may lead to conflicts and disagreements on the part of both spouses. However, these challenges may be avoided with a prenuptial agreement.