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Does court-ordered child support help or hurt the child?

Divorce is often painful and on many occasions leads to complications. When it comes to the issue of child support, sometimes court-ordered child support has consequences for everyone involved. Divorcing couples in Orange County, California, may find themselves in the middle of painful disputes regarding child support. Appearing in court to settle the child support issue will determine how much money the supporting parent must pay; however, there may be aftereffects.

Family law prevails in a California custody battle

The court's decisions in family law issues like child support and child custody directly affect the children's lives. Although these issues should be determined with the best interests of the children in mind, some decisions may cause the opposite to occur. In Orange County, California, family law concerns may arise due to alleged child abuse. There are sometimes occurrences when the court overlooks such claims.

Divorce rate doubles for couples over 50

As many older Americans in Orange County are finding out, marital bliss does not last for every couple. In fact, the divorce rate for those age 50 and older has doubled from 1990 through 2010. Divorce rates for younger people, on the other hand, have leveled off. Now divorce rates for people 50 and older are one in four, and the share is likely to increase given an aging population.

A brief insight into the prenuptial agreement

Entering a marriage can be complicated at times. That is because marriage unites two individuals and may create ties that involve sharing many financial assets and debts. When a couple decides to get married, they think that the marriage will last forever. However, sometimes, the marriage ends in divorce. In Orange County, California people who are about to get married should consider preparing a prenuptial agreement before planning the wedding.

Alleged Orange County molester may lose his child custody

Courts must uphold the law, justly and fairly. They must always consider the best interests of the child when ruling on a child custody dispute. Courts in Orange County, California are no different and must make sure to determine that both parents provide a healthy environment and secure the child's well-being.

Grandparents do not have rights to custody of grandchildren

Parents' legal rights with regards to their children are thoroughly codified in California law. However, when both parents are incapable of caring for children, the next of kin may wind up with custody, and this often means the grandparents. Family law in California is unfortunately not so forthcoming in providing for grandparents' legal rights when they end up raising their grandchildren.

Another means of payment for child support

Being a parent is a right as well as an obligation. All California parents are obligated to contribute to raising their children. Even divorced parents are required to support their children and to fulfill their needs. Child support is the payment by the non-custodial parent for his or her children. The supporting parent is required by law to financially help the custodial parent with the children's expenses.

Prenuptial agreement to cover engagement and wedding rings

Valentine's Day is popular with the romantic types and every year it seems like the couples try to one-up each other with plans and gifts. The day may also be a good day to propose to a loved one. California men get down on one knee in the most unique, awkward or lavish manner to propose marriage. The proposal itself if seen as a romantic gesture but it also sets off wedding plans and, of course, associated legal issues.