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Approaching children about divorce and child custody decisions

Readers from Orange County may observe that parents who decide to divorce often devote a special amount of attention to child custody. Because child custody will establish how much time each parent is allowed to stay with the child, child custody disputes in a divorce can sometimes be contentious. Determining child custody should be in the best interests of the child, however, these decisions can still greatly affect the child, as seen in a recent story told in a news article.

Family law applies to celebrity child custody battle

In this generation, family legal issues do not only revolve around the legal matters of divorce such as child support, property division and child custody. Due to the fact that family law concerns evolve over time, issues regarding family dynamics are also included. These issues can occur in any families in California, including celebrities.

Draft prenuptial agreements to avoid errors during divorce

Divorce in Orange County, California, is a process that requires completion. But, like many others, divorcing couples may commit common errors along the way. Orange County couples who are currently in the process of a divorce may encounter different people who specialize in helping couples navigate a divorce - the like mediators, therapists, counselors, court administrators, judges and attorneys. Divorcing couples should utilize this assistance that is available.

Sperm donation may lead to family law issues in California

Family law issues often can become complex, especially if a child is concerned. Family law concerns may be even more complicated in nontraditional families, especially those that arise from modern forms of technology.

Child support seminar: Educating parents

Placer County's Department of Child Support Services will conduct a public informational seminar on January 15, 2013. People who may be curious about the topic or those who are having trouble with child support may want to attend the seminar. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions regarding child support issues.

Don't let technology set you back during divorce

Many Californians find technology indispensable in their daily lives, using it in communication and connections and for information and entertainment. The digital age offers us convenience and instantaneous connection through Smartphones, iPads, laptops and digital apps. This accessibility may sound good but it may also have its own disadvantages when it comes to divorce and family law.

Using prenuptial agreements to mitigate future financial struggles

Disagreement over money is often considered the top reason for divorce. Thoughts of romance, a wedding and family are usually in the forefront of marriage, overshadowing the importance of communicating about finances. To mitigate future problems, couples in California may consider signing a prenuptial agreement. Though not always considered a romantic gesture, this agreement provides an understanding of each other's financial attitudes entering a marriage. And this understanding may help to lessen fights over finances after a couple ties the knot.

Let the holidays pass before taking care of divorce

The holidays cause so much joy for children and adults alike in Orange County, California. Some couples celebrate Christmas with their loved ones, although, at times, there are issues that trouble them, such as marital disputes. Sometimes, people endure the holiday season with smiles in order to have a peaceful holiday. After the holidays are over, some couples who are experiencing disputes file for a divorce. Experts have analyzed why couples might wait until after the holidays to file for divorce.

Online tools take the sting out of co-parenting with ex-spouses

California families may be familiar with child custody issues, which can be one of the main concerns of people who are going through a divorce. Custody affects the parental rights of people and also influences how they can raise their children effectively by means of co-parenting and visitation arrangements. Though child custody is categorized in different ways, decisions should be made in the best interests of the child.