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Family law issues to consider when remarrying

Divorce is painful; however, it may be better than staying in an unhappy marriage. Orange County residents who have been through a divorce may grapple with perfectly normal feelings of loneliness and seek a new partner with whom to make a fresh start. Having been married once already, remarrying may seem like a less monumental decision than it was the first time. However, statistics suggest that one may actually want to give marriage and the associated family law concerns even more thought and consideration the second time around.

Detoxifying the stress of divorce

Orange County families probably know about the disagreements and other problems that accompany a disintegrating family. Individuals who are in the process of dissolving a marriage may need to resolve family law concerns such as finances, property division and the children. Some spouses may even experience depression and anxiety following their divorce.

The impact of delinquent child support payments

Couples in Orange County, California, who have gone through a divorce, may declare themselves single when the proceedings are over. Still, each parent needs to think of their responsibilities as a parent, such as child support payments. Child support is typically settled during the divorce proceeding and implemented afterward.

Understanding divorce through a children's TV show

In divorce, parents are required to resolve the legal issues of child custody, support and property division. However, because divorce may be stressful to children, some parents may have a difficult time explaining the situation to them. Naturally, children are not likely to want their parents to divorce, but it does happen. "Sesame Street" has now tackled the sensitive topic of divorce, in hopes of helping children cope with this important issue.

Child custody fraud ripped families apart

Residents of Orange County, California, may already understand the rippling effect of marital disputes within a household. These disputes, if not settled properly, can lead to a couple's separation and subsequent divorce. Children often get caught in the middle of their parents' disputes. Whenever possible, parents should always act in the best interests of their child.

Unpaid child support and its consequences

Parents living in Orange County, California, may know that one of their primary obligations is to support their children. Married or not, both parents are obligated to support their kids. Child support helps cover the child's basic needs; like clothing, food, education and medical expenses. Unfortunately, parents do not always fulfill their child support obligations and such a financial lapse ultimately hurts the children.

Emotional joint custody for California parents

Not all households feel the same about the holidays, particularly families recently separated or divorced. Divorced families in California may experience the same anxiety when the holiday season rolls around. The season may bring memories, especially for children, of their once intact family. Dealing with those emotions and memories can create a stressful situation for divorced parents.

Financial mistakes regarding divorce in California

News that a spouse wants a divorce may come as a surprise and can take a social, emotional and legal toll on the other partner. Often, the financial impact of divorce is greatest for women. Experts have studied the mistakes women tend to make during marriage and divorce that may result in unfavorable financial situations post-divorce.