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Prenuptial agreements on California pets

Divorces in California may be difficult both on an emotional and financial level. On the other hand, difficulties in divorce may be minimized with the help of a prenuptial agreement. This agreement may eliminate expensive divorce proceedings, resolve custody issues and turn long-term disputes into much shorter disagreements. Aside from that, a prenuptial agreement determines which marital property and assets are subject to equitable distribution and which of those properties are excluded. In some instances, even pets can be considered part of the property that requires division.

Child support can cause trouble for California couples

California parents who pay child support may be able to learn a valuable lesson from a Chicago man who recently faced trouble regarding child support payments even after he diligently made every scheduled support payment for more than 10 years.

Study about pre-wedding jitters may have family law concerns

Many Californians may be familiar with the wedding jitters that happen to some couples before they tie the knot. Recent research shows that these jitters not only can affect the future of a relationship but also have long-term family law concerns.

California prenuptial agreements and gray divorces

Couples in Orange County, California, may have already heard about gray divorces -- divorces between couples aged 50 and over. Gray divorces are becoming a common trend. In 2008, an estimated 600,000 people aged 50 and older ended their marriages.

Co-parenting plan on holiday season in California

Oftentimes, holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving are accompanied by celebrations and a feast on the table. Families all over the 50 states, including California, usually gather under one roof to catch up and celebrate with one another. However, not all families have a carefree holiday season.

How planning can help in California family legal issues

In Orange County, as well as anywhere throughout the country, people engage in planning nearly every aspect of their life, such as; personal goals, a lively party, building a new home and even mundane daily routines. As divorce rates continue to increase within the state, and in the country, creating a plan is a must for couples having marital disputes. Marital disputes like child support, custody, spousal support and property division are all under the umbrella of family law. Family law addresses issues that a couple may face during divorce proceedings.

Divorce worries can interfere with work

The stress and worry of going through a divorce in California can make a working career much more difficult. If not handled properly, the complications and challenges of a divorce can lead to distraction, making more mistakes at work, reduced productivity and even more tardiness and absences.

The politics of a California divorce

People across the country are looking forward to casting their vote tomorrow and finally seeing this election cycle come to an end. The months of debates, name calling, and public battles have many people anxious to put this contentious race behind them. Those going through a divorce in California may understand this feeling.

Activist mother surrenders child custody in divorce settlement

A mother active in the Occupy Wall Street protest movement has divorced her former husband, a banker after 19 years of marriage. As part of the divorce settlement, she has surrendered child custody of the couple's four children to her former spouse and received a cash settlement of $85,385. The Occupy Wall Street movement, which began on Wall Street, has grown and stretched from coast to coast, including California, and even to other countries.