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Divorce in California: No need to get dramatic

Too often, couples who split up feel as though everyone else feels entitled to the details of what is commonly a very personal process. In fact, one of the most difficult parts of a divorce for many people is telling family members and friends. While some feel ashamed for ending a marriage, others feel as though it is simply no one else's business.

Wealthy young individuals learn benefits of prenuptial agreements

While there are many families that struggle with not having as much money as they would like, there are others in California and elsewhere who face a different financial struggle: how to properly manage their current and prospective wealth. Young people who came from a wealthy family, or have ambitions to become wealthy on their own need to learn how to do this. When the prospect of marriage looms on the horizon, considering the benefits of a prenuptial agreement can be essential.

Former 'Real Housewife' awarded back child support payments

Reality television shows are often accused of manufacturing drama and blowing small issues out of proportion just for their ratings. With the popularity of shows like "Real Housewives of Atlanta," this may be a pretty successful model for pulling in viewers. However, many of the stars of these shows have a fairly dramatic life off camera, especially when it comes to their family lives and relationships.

Newly divorced finding new ways to celebrate change

While divorce can be difficult and stressful for many people, the attitude about how to react after a divorce is rapidly changing in California and around the nation. Many people now try to embrace their new futures and move on with their lives, where once they would have wallowed in depression and doom and gloom. This new attitude towards the breakup of a relationship which did not work, for whatever reason, can be a positive thing for both men and women who look forward rather than backward.

Taking care of the children in a California divorce

While most parents are struggling to deal with the emotional, logistical and financial toll that a divorce can take them, it is important to remember that children often deal with their own difficulties. When parents get divorced, children can experience a wide range of complex, and often confusing, adjustments and emotions. During discussions about child custody, it is important to remember that the main goal of these arrangements is to take care of the children.

Could sharing housework lead to divorce?

A new study on work-life balance yielded some puzzling results. Although couples seem to be happier when housework is divided equally, research showed that couples divorce with greater frequency when they are splitting up the housework. The divorce rate was compared to households in which the wife did significantly more housework.

Suspicious spouses turning 'I do' into 'I spy'

In the period of time leading up to a divorce, a spouse may become suspicious and determined to prove a spouse's infidelity or betrayal. Many soon-to-be divorced people may go to extreme, and sometimes illegal, lengths to spy on a spouse in order to uncover any suspicious behavior to use against him or her in court. However, this behavior is turning family law concerns into a so-called arms race.

Unique prenuptial agreement clauses

While many couples in California choose to have a prenuptial agreement drawn up, each agreement is unique to the couple involved. The idea of these agreements, however, is largely the same. Prenups are agreements designed to protect each spouse's future in the event of a divorce. In many cases, the terms of a prenup involve guidelines for financial settlements and payments, but more and more there are specific clauses added to a prenuptial agreement that make it as unique as the couple completing it.

Child support in California can be about more than money

Parents going through a divorce typically have several emotions and difficult decisions to deal with as they separate. However, the most important issue in a divorce is the wellbeing of the children involved. Being a good parent doesn't end when a marriage ends. Even though there may be child support ordered, there can be much more that a parent can do to support the health and happiness of a child.