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Father requests custody of children during championship games

Parents who are trying to work out an arrangement involving child custody have a lot to think about. On the one hand, they want to have as much time as possible with their children. On the other hand, California courts prefer that both parents stay active in a child's life. Balancing these two factors can be difficult. However, with a little flexibility and a willingness to compromise, parents can come up with a custody arrangement that benefits everyone.

7 divorce customs that can help spouses post-split

Men and women across California who are going through a divorce or separation are likely experiencing several emotions. Anxiety, guilt, anger and disappointment may be among those emotions. No matter the family law issues that people face, the reality is that the emotional toll they can take on people can be very difficult.

Court honors prenuptial agreement, despite 'gold-digger' claims

Having a prenuptial agreement in place can be the one thing that protects a person after a divorce. By the time a couple has decided that there is no way to repair a broken marriage, the luster of being in love has likely worn off. Feelings of anger, jealousy and resentment often replace those of love and adoration that were present at the beginning of a marriage. As unromantic as it may seem to have a prenuptial agreement in place, it can be very beneficial for parties when the romance has fizzled out.

Divorced woman gets very real with real estate sign

When a spouse has an affair, there may be no way to recover from the damage that has been done. Some couples will try counseling or therapy, and others may just try to move on and hope it never happens again. But ultimately, spouses may discover that it is impossible to repair the marriage when a spouse has been unfaithful, and divorce may be the only solution.

Finding a speedy resolution to child custody arrangements

One of the most difficult parts of a divorce likely has to do with determining an arrangement for child custody. In California, it is typically preferred that each parent play an active participating role in raising a child, but it is not uncommon for parents to dispute this arrangement out of anger or resentment towards each other. However, keeping a child's best interests in mind is the most important factor in child custody arrangements.

Terrell Owens falls behind on child support. Again.

A parent who repeatedly and consistently neglects to make child support payments only gets away with it for so long. Many times, a delinquent parent will ultimately face jail time for their negligence. While a punishment can be effective, it is the child who ends up suffering the most. Without proper child support payments from a non-custodial parent, a custodial parent may have difficulty making ends meet and a child may have to go without certain things.

The more the merrier: California bill would modernize families

As California parents no doubt realize, the roles of a mother and father these days are very different than they used to be. These days, parents are more dynamic and there are more family law issues to deal with. There are many divorces and second marriages. Additionally, now that states are beginning to recognize same-sex marriages, children likely have a number of parental figures in their lives. Legally, however, California currently limits the number of parents a child is granted to two.

What California couples can learn from celebrity divorces

There is a common misconception that only celebrity couples or extremely wealthy couples should have a prenuptial agreement. However, with more Californians getting married later or getting remarried, prenuptial agreements may be something that more people should consider.