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Kinship caregivers need more support, resources

Increasingly, children in the United States are living in households with caregivers other than their parents. In cases when a child lives with grandparents, other relatives or close friends, those caregivers are referred to as kinship caregivers. Whether they are established formally or informally, this arrangement has increased by 18 percent between the years 2000 and 2010. A report by the Casey Foundation was recently released and brings up several family law concerns that should be addressed in these unique situations.

Did Mark Zuckerberg 'like' a prenuptial agreement?

Recently, people have been talking about whether or not Facebook has been a contributing factor to many divorces. In fact, our last post explored why a significant amount of divorces mention or directly involve a spouse's behavior on the social networking site. In spite of all that, the founder of the newly-public company just tied the knot with his college sweetheart. Many people are speculating whether or not the couple had a prenuptial agreement drawn up prior to the wedding.

Status update: Is Facebook causing more divorces?

Many people agree that one of the most important changes that are announced on Facebook is specific to a person's relationship status. Changing from a status of "single" to "married" welcomes many likes and positive comments. However, changing a status from "married" to "divorced" can be surprisingly emotional and difficult for some California couples. But could Facebook be more than just a place to announce a relationship change? Could it actually be the reason for the dissolution of a marriage?

Report: Mothers increasingly ordered to pay child support

Many people may rely on tradition when it comes to determining child support and other payments that must be made in the event of a divorce. In the past, divorcing couples may have simply expected that the father would pay child support while the mother retained custody of the children. However, with traditional roles changing so much in the professional and family landscape, so too are the trends in how child support payments are determined.

Making the case for child custody in California

Determining custody of a child in a divorce is often the most emotional and challenging part for parents. In California, most judges encourage parents to come up with their own schedules and agreements, rather than heading to court for a judge to establish child custody. When parents cannot come to an agreement, however, judges must take several factors into account in determining what is in the child's best interest.

How are alimony payments determined in California?

In the dissolution of marriages, many California couples find themselves confronted with a list of difficult decisions. From dividing properties to deciding on a custody arrangement for children, there may be a number of potential challenges presented. For some couples, it may be preferable to work out these family law issues through mediation and a settlement. In other cases, it is necessary to go to a trial in order to secure the terms of a divorce.

More women may want to consider requesting a prenuptial agreement

Increasingly, women in California and other states are being ordered to pay alimony and child support after a marriage has ended. Because a prenuptial agreement may limit the amount of alimony paid after a divorce, women should seriously consider having one.

Most separations lead to divorce

Although divorce may be more common these days, many California couples are opting to try out a separation first in many cases. Separations are quite common. In fact, some sources say that it is more common for a couple to go through a separation first than it is for couples to immediately divorce. This could mean that if you and your spouse are considering a separation, it may not hurt to be prepared for ending the relationship in a divorce.

Wages were garnished, but child support payments were never made

People in Orange County who pay child support may already have enough to deal with. Making the payments in full and on time are very important aspects of the system. Some people have the child support taken directly out of their paychecks, which is referred to as garnishing wages. But even a person who has this money automatically subtracted from their paychecks may get into trouble for unpaid child support.