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Octomom: Could she lose custody of her children?

In any situation involving child custody, the most important issue that needs to be addressed is the well being of the children. In California, if a parent is not taking good care of the children or exposing them to dangerous situations, legal and governmental intervention may be the answer. In many cases, parents are granted shared custody of the children so that both parents can be involved in the lives of their children.

What you can do to prepare for divorce in California

In about half of the marriages in the country, the time comes when one or both spouses start thinking about getting a divorce. Often, there are signs that a marriage may have run its course. When a person believes that his or her marriage is headed for dissolution, there are some steps that can be taken right away to ensure that a person is protected in a divorce.

Should you consider a prenuptial agreement?

The concept of a prenuptial agreement may still make some couples cringe. They may feel as though these agreements are unromantic and they do not want to think about a divorce before they are even married. With nearly 50 percent of all marriages ending in a divorce, however, couples are starting to recognize how beneficial and necessary these contracts can actually be. So, should you consider a prenuptial agreement?

Getting over a divorce doesn't happen over night

Working through a divorce may be one of the most challenging things a person can do. Property and assets are divided, custody of children may be split up and support payments are determined. The emotional toll that a divorce can take on a person can be significant as well. It is always important to remember that ending a marriage is difficult for many people. Sometimes, it can be easy to forget that recovering from a divorce in California can take some time.

Are sperm donors responsible for paying child support?

In California, there is a statute that protects women who obtain sperm from a medical facility from the donor. The statute gives women the peace of mind that the donor will not be able to seek them out and file a paternity action for any child that may have resulted. Using this same statute, a California appeals court ruled that a sperm donor does not have to pay child support.

Custody battle continues between Melissa Etheridge and her ex

It is not uncommon for Orange County parents to continue to argue long after a divorce or separation. When they share a child, there are still many ongoing discussions that need to take place in order to ensure that a child is taken care of. One reason parents may continue to be at odds after a split may be in relation to the child custody arrangements.

Heidi Klum and Seal: Separation leads to divorce

Rumors and speculation have swirled since celebrity super couple Heidi Klum and Seal announced they were separating. At the time, they clarified that there was no divorce filed and they simply needed to explore their own individual lives. However, in the dissolution of a marriage a separation period often leads to a divorce, as was the case for Klum and her husband. Couples all across Orange County may sympathize with the former couple's difficult decision.

Same-sex couples and prenuptial agreements

Couples choosing to get married have a lot of decisions to make. While decisions like where to have the wedding and what items to register for seem important, another more important and often overlooked priority should be a prenuptial agreement.

Getting divorced? Take steps to secure your financial future

When going through a divorce, many important decisions must be made quickly. Sorting out living arrangements, child custody matters and who gets to keep the family dog are all difficult and emotionally-charged decisions that must be agreed upon. Unfortunately, many couples get bogged down in the emotional turmoil of divorce and often fail to realize the important impact of making key financial decisions quickly.