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Guidance For Complex Property Division In California

At The Law Offices of Dorie A. Rogers, we understand that many people face complex property division issues. Our legal team has extensive experience and familiarity with complex property division, especially in high-asset divorces.

We understand the importance of not only maximizing your share of complex property division, but also minimizing your tax implications. Our Orange County, California, complex property division lawyers can help you determine the true value of your complex property and assets, help you pursue an equitable share of those assets, and help you address any tax consequences related to the division of property.

Tustin, California, High-Asset Divorce Lawyers

Attorney Dorie A. Rogers has nearly 30 years of experience providing legal advice to clients involved in high-asset divorces. She understands the problems and consequences associated with dividing numerous, highly valued properties.

The proper division of property requires in-depth understanding of a number of complicated issues. To gain a true valuation of your community property, you need to consider the value of, among other things:

  • Businesses
  • Assets
  • Pensions
  • Inheritance
  • Inventories
  • Property in another state (quasi-community property)

Our firm can consult with a forensic accountant to trace and value your complex properties. The accountant's detailed valuation can help us maximize your share of property in the division.

Tax Planning

The timing of your complex property division can be critical. Certain actions can create potential tax consequences. For instance, you may decide to buy out your former spouse's interest in a pension with another asset, which may result in tax consequences for one or both parties. In addition, support agreements, property sales and the division of a family-owned business could also affect your income and tax liability.

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