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Protecting Your Rights — Enforcement Of Orders

Family law issues are often emotionally charged and characterized by contentious disputes. At The Law Offices of Dorie A. Rogers, we understand the issues you may be facing and we can help protect and enforce your rights.

Enforcement of orders can help you maintain the legal protections in:

  • Child and spousal support (alimony)
  • Child custody
  • Property division
  • Domestic violence

Our Orange County, California, enforcement of orders lawyers can help you seek enforcement of a judgment or order through court action. We can also represent you if you are facing an enforcement action. The key is to pursue the advice of a lawyer as soon as possible.

Support And Custody

Child support and child custody are sensitive issues with serious consequences. If the other parent flees the state with your child, we can involve the courts and law enforcement to help return your child. When the other parent refuses to cooperate with an established visitation agreement, we can file for contempt and represent you during the court hearing.

Failure to pay child support can be collected by garnishing wages or levying a spouse's bank account. It is also considered contempt of a court order. Contempt charges carry potential criminal penalties such as monetary sanctions and jail. Attorney Dorie A. Rogers has nearly 30 years of experience helping individuals in California with family-related legal issues, including enforcement of orders in child support and alimony cases.

Huntington Beach, California, Family Law Attorneys Filing Contempt Actions

The court can use many types of enforcement mechanisms. One such mechanism is a contempt action. Pursuing contempt charges against your spouse can be difficult and the process is highly technical. Generally speaking, you need to prove that the other party violated his or her obligations or violated a specific court order.

Types Of Enforcement

To help discourage bad behavior during a divorce, the court can utilize several different enforcement mechanisms. You may face monetary sanctions, such as steep fines or having to pay lawyers' fees, for financially based court orders such as violating fiduciary obligations and hiding assets.

You could also face evidentiary sanctions. When one spouse violates certain court orders, the judge may decide to forfeit evidence he or she wishes to present in divorce court.

Huntington Beach Family Law

For more information about filing contempt actions, or to schedule a consultation with a Huntington Beach, California, family law attorney, please call us at 714-602-1492 or you may send us an e-mail.