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Post-Judgment Litigation

The court retains jurisdiction to enforce or modify its orders. The most common post-judgment actions involve child custody, child support and spousal support orders. The court retains jurisdiction over marital property until such time as it has been disposed of pursuant to the terms of the Judgment.

Irvine Post-Trial Motions Lawyers

Immediately following a Judgment there are time-limited motions that can be made to request the court to change its decision or portions of its decision such as Motions for Reconsideration; Motion to Set Aside Judgment or Default; Motion to Vacate Judgment; Motion for New Trial and Motion to Correct Clerical Error. Time is of essence in determining if you have adequate grounds in a post-judgment motion. At The Law Offices of Dorie A. Rogers, our Orange County post-judgment litigation attorneys know the technicalities involved in making post-trial motions and its requirements.

Modification Of Court Orders

Child Support

A change in one parent's finances can result in a request to modify a child support order as they are modifiable at any time. If the parties had previously agreed to an amount, child support may be modified to meet the mandatory California statewide child support guidelines. At The Law Offices of Dorie A. Rogers, we understand how to approach an "income" analysis and aggressively pursue or defend support modifications.

Spousal Support

The obligation to support a spouse can be a long-term responsibility that significantly impacts both parties. A change of circumstances in the finances, living conditions and health of the parties can often affect the obligation to pay or receive support. Certain factors must have been present in the underlying orders that can affect the outcome of a modification request. We are cognizant of the technicalities associated with a support modification.

Child Custody

Families change over time as do children's need and custodial arrangements. Similar to child support, child custody is always modifiable if it can be supported by a significant change of circumstances. Understanding the needs of the child and the family dynamics is important in custody modifications. The Law Offices of Dorie A. Rogers is skilled in making an informed assessment of your case.

Enforcement Of Court Orders

There are many methods of enforcing support orders. Wage Assignment, Writ of Execution, Levying personal property, Abstracts of Judgment and Judgment Debtor Exams to name a few. Additionally, if a party fails to obey a court order, one can bring an action for Contempt. Contempt is a highly technical procedure that can result in not only a fine but possible jail time and/or probation. This is an area where it is not only beneficial but is essential to have quality legal representation. The Law Offices of Dorie A. Rogers aggressively represents litigants in this area.

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