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Comprehensive and Effective Family Law Guidance

No matter how complex or sophisticated your family law issues may be, we can provide comprehensive, effective legal guidance. Our Orange, California, law firm has the resources to investigate and develop strategies aimed at producing a positive resolution to your situation.

Mission Statement
Our family law firm provides the highest quality of legal services and personal attention that is results oriented to achieve the specific goals of our clients. We represent clients aggressively, ethically and professionally. We respect our clients' time and financial resources. It is our goal for our clients' lives to become positively transformed.

Our legal team is led by attorney Dorie A. Rogers, who has over 30 years of experience handling complex family law cases. We understand that you face many difficult decisions during your divorce. When a family-owned business or complex property division is involved, your situation may seem even more daunting. We can evaluate your situation and provide negotiation, litigation and trial strategies suited to your needs.

A Goal-Oriented Approach

Our team takes pride in providing a goal-oriented approach to your case. We believe that it is typically better to pursue realistic and attainable goals rather than fight a long and expensive court battle. We will consider your needs, along with what is in the best interests of your children, to help determine goals that are both realistic and workable for the long term.

Our goal-oriented approach requires your involvement with every decision, every step of the way. We can also discuss the legal process and possible pitfalls. We want to help ensure your expectations are in-line with your goals.

The Children's Well-Being

Divorce encompasses many legal procedures. The most delicate often focus on your children, such as custody, support and visitation. We strive to protect the well-being and emotional capabilities of your children.

In addition to legal advice, we can help you find necessary resources and counseling options. We try to minimize the stress your children might feel and ensure they have the support they need to adjust to family changes.

Anaheim Family Law Attorney

We have built and maintained a solid reputation among fellow Orange County lawyers and judges. We are known for our professionalism and our emphasis on providing reputable, quality work.

Our professionalism is demonstrated in our close-knit working relationship with opposing attorneys. This good rapport can be vitally important during negotiations. Other attorneys know that we are not overstating our case and they recognize our competence and preparedness.

Mental Health Background

Attorney Dorie A. Rogers possesses a mental health degree and prior counseling experience and she leverages her psychology background when helping clients deal with the stresses of divorce. She can use that background and knowledge to evaluate your family and marital dynamics to help determine how the other side may respond throughout your case.

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For more information, or to schedule a consultation, please call us at 714-602-1492 or send us an e-mail. We offer flexible office hours and provide an upfront, detailed explanation of our fees. Our offices are located across from the Orange County family law courthouse.