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Domestic Partnership In California

If you are contemplating entering into a domestic partnership or are seeking to terminate your registered domestic partnership, The Law Offices of Dorie A. Rogers can help.

Our Orange County domestic partnership lawyers understand the family law-related issues of a domestic partnership. Our firm can evaluate your situation, take your wishes and goals into consideration and then work to create effective strategies. Attorney Dorie A. Rogers has nearly 30 years of family law experience in Orange County and she understands the complicated emotional and financial issues you may be facing.

Discuss Tax Implications And Domestic Partnership In Orange County With Our Same-Sex Couple Family Law Attorney

As an unmarried same-sex couple, you face specific tax implications. In California, domestic partners can file joint state taxes. However, you may not file federal taxes together. This means you may not benefit from federal tax deductions or certain tax credits.

Property Division

When terminating your domestic partnership, the property and assets acquired during your union are classified as community property. When determining division of property, you have the same legal rights and obligations as married couples. You are also held to the same standard of fiduciary duty.

We can have a forensic accountant evaluate and trace your partnership property, and we can help determine which assets are shared and which are separate property.

Cohabitation Agreements

In discussing your situation, we can help you decide if a domestic partnership is in your best legal and financial interest. If necessary, we can draft a cohabitation agreement if that would better fit your situation.

Child Custody And Visitation

Under California law, your rights to custody and visitation carry strict guidelines when you dissolve your domestic partnership. It is important that you talk with a lawyer to understand your rights and obligations. We can evaluate your situation and provide guidance aimed at resolving matters for the long term.

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