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High-Caliber Representation For High Net Worth Clients

The Law Offices of Dorie A. Rogers, APC, provides sophisticated, skilled assistance and discreet divorce representation to high net worth individuals such as celebrities, business owners and professionals.

To schedule a consultation, contact our Orange County high net worth divorce lawyers today. We have been serving clients throughout Orange County and Riverside County, California, for the past 30 years.

Newport Beach Lawyers Seeking A Private Divorce

Ms. Rogers is a board-certified family law specialist with more than 30 years of experience. As a respected Orange County high net worth divorce attorney, she has the necessary skills and resources to equitably divide marital assets and property, including:

  • Bank accounts and investment accounts
  • Retirement accounts and pensions
  • Stock options
  • Professional practices
  • Family-owned businesses
  • Hidden assets, including money in overseas accounts or tax shelters
  • Real estate, vacation homes and other property
  • Boats, sports cars and other recreational vehicles
  • Valuable furniture, antiques, art collections, coin collections, etc.

At The Law Offices of Dorie A. Rogers, APC, we focus on obtaining the maximum possible share of complex property division while considering tax implications to manage your tax liability. Our attorneys engage the assistance of business valuation experts, tax experts and forensic accountants to help you determine the true value of your complex property and assets. We will then pursue an equitable share of those assets and address any tax consequences related to the division of property.

California’s Interspousal Fiduciary Duties

According to relevant California law, each spouse must disclose all assets and liabilities to the other spouse, even if those assets are currently considered to be separate property. This fiduciary duty continues even after the spouses have separated and are waiting for finalization of their divorce.

It is not uncommon for spouses to try to misappropriate, conceal or misrepresent the value of assets before or during a divorce. As complete financial disclosure is required by law, the failure to be forthcoming about property could result in serious consequences, including the loss of an entire asset that might have been equally divided.

If you are concerned about protecting your net worth during divorce, we can take immediate action to safeguard your financial stability. For example, we could place a lien on your home or freeze certain credit card and bank accounts to ensure that marital assets and debts will remain in place until they can be properly addressed through settlement negotiations, mediation or courtroom proceedings.

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Please contact The Law Offices of Dorie A. Rogers, APC, at 714-602-1492 to schedule a consultation with a Newport Beach private divorce attorney.

“Dorie is a very powerful attorney and a great asset to have on your side in any family legal matter. She is extremely bright and insightful, and I got everything I asked for in my lawsuit.”
Brit B.
“I would strongly recommend Ms. Dorie Rogers for any legal needs. During my Divorce proceedings, Dorie’s professionalism, expertise in Divorce Law and legal skill helped bring my case to a close in both a timely and mutually agreeable manner.

Additionally, Dorie took the time to understand me and my background to better represent me in my case. She showed a level of caring and concern that helped me through a very difficult time. She is an outstanding lawyer and wonderful person.”

Alan M. Greenberg
“Second to none – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dorie to anyone. She was my attorney for my divorce and custody case. She will do everything it takes to get the job done and all with a smile on her face. Her knowledge and expertise will assist anyone in a family law situation get the results they want.”
Todd M.