Rules for joint events with the kids should be set


There are many different aspects of child custody that might come throughout the course of your child’s life. One of these is going to be how to handle joint events like birthdays or school concerts. This can be difficult to think about, but parents should remember that children usually want both of their parents at these events. We know that there have to be guidelines set in the parenting plan to help make these events possible.

When you think about events that will include you and your ex, you should remember that the focus isn’t on the adults. Instead, this is time for you to show your kids that they are important enough for you and your ex to put your differences aside to support them.

It might help to make these events a bit easier if you set a code of conduct for them. In the parenting plan, make it clear that all adults there to support the kids need to be respectful. This isn’t the time for anyone to bring up contentious matters or badmouth anyone. Instead, everything should be positive and focused on the kids.

Another thing to think about is the notification requirements. When does the parent who was initially notified of the event need to let the other one know? This can ensure that neither parent is unable to attend because they didn’t know about it.

Having everything put in writing gives you an agreement to review if you have any questions about what is supposed to happen or what is acceptable. We can work with you to get these into your paperwork.

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