Family law prevails in a California custody battle

Family law prevails in a California custody battle

The court’s decisions in family law issues like child support and child custody directly affect the children’s lives. Although these issues should be determined with the best interests of the children in mind, some decisions may cause the opposite to occur. In Orange County, California, family law concerns may arise due to alleged child abuse. There are sometimes occurrences when the court overlooks such claims.

However, a recent court decision, which was unusual, saved the children in one family from being subjected to further molestation. In Los Angeles, a mother exited the courtroom as her lawyer expressed joy over her winning her three-year custody battle. Their supporters–most of whom had the same problems–applauded in joy and surprise; some cried and hugged as they remembered how, on many occasions, the courts had made the opposite decision.

The stakes were high in this custody case as both of her children alleged that they were abused by their father; the younger child was allegedly three years old when viciously sexually assaulted. The mother said that social workers, investigators and therapists all recommended that she seek full custody, but the court previously gave the father shared custody with no supervision. The mother changed lawyers, and the case was reopened, and after four months of testimony, she was awarded full custody of her children.

Family law cases such as this are widespread, and it is imperative that the family’s welfare, particularly that of the children, is considered strongly in the court’s decision. Local residents from Orange County who may have concerns regarding family law should consult an experienced legal professional. Legal professionals are knowledgeable and will be able to provide the needed advice during conflicts and disagreements within the family.

Source:, “Mom Wins Custody Battle Against Alleged Molester,” Robin Sax and Jeffrey Thomas De Socio, Mar. 14, 2013

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