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Bad judge? Here's what you can do

When you go to court for your divorce, one factor that you're not in control of is the judge who will preside. While your attorney could ask to have a different judge if there's a reason to do so, you may find that you're stuck with whom you have.

Scrutinizing your client’s alimony stipulations is key

In California, property division and alimony agreements often create serious points of friction for divorcing spouses. As a divorce attorney, you must constantly stay on top of a mountain of moving parts for your client, to ensure that they receive the best reasonable terms in agreements covering a wide spectrum of issues.

Is an unfair judge ruining your case?

Staying on top of your family law case can prove very difficult, especially if you cannot get proper cooperation from the other players involved. Whether you're representing a spouse in a divorce or some other family law issue, sometimes the tables simply turn against you and you may need to consider unconventional options in order to protect your clients' interests.

Appealing an unfair ruling

There are many ways that a divorce case can get away from you. Whether the opposing counsel didn't care to cooperate or the judge ruled unfairly, or any number of things in between, your client now wants to fight the ruling. Maybe you know that an appeal is probably possible, but you're not entirely comfortable navigating appellate proceedings. Fortunately, you have options.

Is your divorce trial not going how you expected?

When you first started working with this client, you believed this case would be simple and straightforward. You discussed all the critical details, including issues in the marriage and a careful examination of all marital assets. You prepared for court, but now things aren't going the way you had hoped or anticipated.

Protect your marriage with a well-crafted prenuptial agreement

The greater one or both partner's assets are within a marriage, the more likely conflict is to brew, sooner or later. While money is certainly not the root of all evil, it does have a way of presenting conflicts in relationships, especially if spouses come from different economic backgrounds.