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Avoid putting invalid provisions in your prenuptial agreement

As you may already be aware, crafting a prenuptial agreement prior to getting married can provide you and your partner with myriad benefits and protections. And even if the marriage does not work out, the time invested in creating a prenup will be more than made up by the savings of both time and money when going through the divorce process.

Frances Bean Cobain in battle with ex over famous guitar

It is all too easy to let the strong feelings that you have for your significant other color your decision making. After all, if you believe you have found that one true and lasting love, why worry about future conflicts? But unfortunately, sometimes feelings change and what once seemed an unbreakable bond devolves into a bitter feud. When this happens, you may find yourself downright shocked at your former partner's behavior.

Step carefully if purchasing a home together before marriage

Perhaps you and your partner are not married and have been renting a space together. But now you've decided that you want to jointly purchase a house. It's called taking a relationship to the next level, and it is a very big step with many financial components to consider.

Time invested creating a prenup can pay dividends

When you and your partner decide that it's in your best interests to create a prenuptial agreement, you have taken a very positive preliminary step in your marriage. This is because simply taking the time to discuss all of the important issues covered in a prenup will help you both understand the challenges that lay before you. And make no mistake, marriage is a serious endeavor which has a much better chance of success when both partners understand their responsibilities.

Millennials embracing benefits of prenuptial agreements

It's high time that millennials get their due. While those in this important demographic are sometimes treated with condescension, they may be more realistic about life and smarter about protecting their interests than they are given credit for. For example, a recent survey indicates that millennials are typically very savvy in their approach to marriage.

How can I benefit from a cohabitation agreement?

So you and your significant other have decided to take your relationship to the next level and move in together. But, you are not interested in walking down the aisle and exchanging vows; at least not yet. This is quite common. Many couples opt to live together without getting married. Cohabiting is a great way for couples to learn about one another without the legal entanglements created by marriage.

Many factors could signal the need for a prenuptial agreement

If you are approaching your wedding day, you may only be seeing your marriage through the rose-colored glasses of love. This is only natural and hopefully your positive feelings for your partner will never wane. But eventually, the initial rush of affection that motivates so much of your present behavior will subside somewhat. As such, it is important to remind yourself that marriage is a legal bond as well as an emotional commitment.

Your prenuptial agreement should be as unique as your marriage

So, you and your significant other have decided it's time to exchange vows and dedicate your lives to growing together as a married couple. Getting married is an expression of love and devotion and it is a step made by many California couples.

A postnuptial agreement can help clarify marital rights

You have likely heard about all the advantages enjoyed by couples who take the time to craft a well thought out prenuptial agreement. Prenups can provide spouses with a better understanding of their marital rights and responsibilities. The terms of the agreement can also provide each party with a sense of security regarding a number of issues, including debt management and asset division in case of a divorce.

If you are considering marriage, consider your finances as well

Finding the perfect partner can be difficult. Some people go through their whole lives without getting paired off with someone who fulfills their needs and makes them happy. So if you have found a person you believe is "the one," it's easy to put on blinders and avoid any issues that may cause consternation.